Can Aries ascendant wear blue sapphire?

Can Aries ascendant wear blue sapphire?

Readers must have noticed that Blue sapphire is indisputably recommended to ascendants of Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra. These zodiacs are not frequently afflicted by adversaries of Lord Saturn namely the sun, Rahu, ketu and mars. Among other zodiacs where Blue sapphire may prove negative is Aries.

Can Aries wear ruby?

For the year 2019, the lucky gemstone for the Aries natives is Ruby. To get the best results of wearing ruby in your life, choose a good quality original ruby stone of 2 carets, fix it in the ring finger and chant the mantra ‘Om Ham Hrim Haum Sah Suryaya Namah’.

What planet is Ruby associated with?

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Apart from being one of the precious jewellery pieces, it is famous for its astrological benefits too. The gemstone is associated with planet Sun and zodiac Leo. Even though ruby is found in many hues of red, but the one which matches the blood colour of pigeon is considered the best.

Can Ruby and blue sapphire be worn together?

Never wear a Ruby in the same product which contains garnet, sapphire, diamond, or a cat’s eye. Do not wear pearls, corals, and rubies with blue sapphires. These are Saturnian stones that cannot be combined with the stones of the sun and moon and Mars.

Can I wear Ruby in Saturn Mahadasha?

Ruling Planet – Saturn Except during MAHADASHA of sun in horoscope, Aquarius natives can’t please their planet god Saturn by wearing a ruby. Saturn seems a universal enemy of the sun. Go through proper Astrological Consultation before wearing Ruby.

Who can wear Ruby as per astrology?

Since Ruby is a positive gemstone, it ​​should be worn by only those for whom Sun is beneficial, as per astrology. Before wearing this stone, you must consult a good astrologer. Ruby is usually considered auspicious ​​for Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

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Which ruby is best for astrology?

Transparent, dark colored ruby is considered best for astrological effects. Pigeon blood ruby or Old Burma ruby is one such example. However, clear and original, unheated ruby is an essential pre-requisite that should not be compromised while selecting the ruby for astrological purposes.

Can I wear a blue sapphire if I am Aries ascendant?

If you belong to Aries Ascendant, the planet Saturn is the lord of the 10th and 11th house. Hence, the planet Saturn is the not a beneficial planet. It is not recommended to wear blue sapphire for the person born in the Aries ascendant since it will bring negative result.

What zodiac signs go well with blue sapphire?

The Blue Sapphire adjusts reasonably well with two signs namely Capricorn and Aquarius. Both these sun signs are ruled by Lord Saturn. Saturn is a slow moving planet that emits a blue color and is known to bring about obstacles, limitations and road blocks in a person’s life.

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Can I wear blue sapphire if I have Saturn in my numerology?

When Saturn is placed in the astrological charts along with the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Rahu, it may give negative results. Thus, the decision to wear the powerful Blue Sapphire or not should be taken after consulting a learned astrologer who will study your astrological placements thoroughly before giving his/her judgment.

Can Gemini wear blue sapphire?

For a Gemini, the wearing of the Blue Sapphire should be evaluated thoroughly since Saturn holds one auspicious and one inauspicious house of this native. When Saturn is placed in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, or 10th house, the Blue Sapphire (Neelam) stone can be worn after a three days trial period.4.