Can I give CDS exam in Hindi medium?

Can I give CDS exam in Hindi medium?

Language of paper is both english and hindi except the english paper which will only be in english. For more information about marking scheme you can visit the nda site. Hope this helps. All the best!

Can we answer Hindi in SSB interview?

Originally Answered: Can we talk in Hindi with an interviewing officer in an SSB interview? Yes Hindi/English or combination of both can be used during the interview,however English should be preferred as the language for medium of communication during interview as it is mostly used for functioning in the forces.

Should we use Hindi in the SSB interview?

Hence in SSB also we are ought to use it but definitely we must not use it. Improving English For SSB Interview. Most of us are fluent in Hindi but not very fluent in English. This is certainly because we consider Hindi to be very own and mostly with our parents or friends we are talking in Hindi.

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Is cracking SSB interview difficult?

Cracking SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview is not an easy task. Having said that, I’d also like to add that it is not mission impossible either! After all, we all have dictionaries with the ‘term’ impossible absent in it, right?

What is the best preparation material for SSB?

SSB preparation material consist of WAT, TAT, SRT, SD, PPDT, GTO and Personal interview books and ebooks. These SSB interview books and ebooks would help you to clear the SSB Interview. There are many candidates using our SSB preparation material to crack the SSB and AFSB interview.

Why should we not use Hinglish in SSB?

The problem which arises is that we as youths are neither using English nor Hindi but Hinglish, which spoils our grammar and make us habitual to use slangs and slang language. Hence in SSB also we are ought to use it but definitely we must not use it.