Do older men fantasize about younger girls?

Do older men fantasize about younger girls?

For men, whatever their age, 50 is often a step beyond which they are unprepared to venture. Once they are free from their marriages or long-term relationships, the majority of male fantasies revolve around younger women.

Why are men attracted to younger women?

After all, young women are fun, free-spirited, energetic and have a zest for life. This youthful energy is attractive to an older man who may be feeling his mortality. These are all the stereotypical reasons people tend to think older men love to date younger women.

Do men and women talk about their fantasies differently?

Women are a little less likely than men to discuss their fantasies with anyone. Only 1 percent of females say they had discussed their fantasies with a stranger. It’s curious and a little disappointing that 60 percent of men and 68 percent of women have never discussed their fantasies with anyone.

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How often do men think about sex in their 50s?

Of those surveyed, more than half the men in their 50s say they are thinking sexy thoughts more than once a day, compared to 12 percent of women. When men reach their 60s, the frequent fantasies drop to about 42 percent; and in their 70s, to 27 percent.

Are men most attracted to 20 year old women?

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Is it possible for a 65 year old man to fall in love?

But is it really possible for a man of 65-70 years of age to fall in love with a young girl of 20-25 years of age. I mean, is it psychologically possible? Of course it’s possible. People’s bodies may grow old, but for many, their minds remain young! While this is not the smartest thing for an old person to do, it does happen.

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