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How can I get my convocation certificate from Mumbai University?

How can I get my convocation certificate from Mumbai University?


  1. Any candidate who has passed any examination from this University can apply for the duplicate.
  2. Copy of statement of marks, passing/special certificate, degree certificate, etc.
  3. Application must be submitted in prescribed form with prescribed fees to the TAPAL Counter.

How can I get my graduation certificate online Mumbai University?

Students will be able to access their degree certificates digitally by registering on the Digilocker website. Earlier, University Grants Commission (UGC) had asked all educational institutions to store the academic credentials of their past and presents students on Digilocker through NAD.

Can I apply for convocation?

Candidates can apply for Convocation Certificate through this online portal. Click on “Apply for Convocation Certificate” and fill the personnel details. Candidate needs to upload scanned copies of passport size photo. Valid Mobile no.

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How can I get my degree certificate from Mumbai University?

Approach the college from which you graduated, they can request the degree certificate on your behalf. This is faster way will take 4–5 weeks and 1 trip to university of Mumbai and 2 trips to your college.

How do I get a convocation certificate after completing my degree?

Convocation Certificates are available in college after the completion of your degree. Generally after a period of 5–6 months after the declaration of result. The Convocation fees is collected by college. However, if your college does not owns up then you have to fill the application form and submit it (with the fees) in person.

How to pay fees to University of Mumbai in India?

4. Fees must be paid by crossed Demand Draft drawn on any Nationalized Bank payable at Mumbai in the name of “Finance & Accounts Officer, University of Mumbai” except (e) (g) or in cash at the designated Bank. 5. Period required for issue of the duplicate copy.

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What is the procedure for non submission of first degree certificate?

Non submission of First Degree certificate required for Masters Degree results etc. Apply for declaration of result through respective college / Institution with a copy of statement of marks of lower examination, first-degree certificate, certificate of eligibility / Transfer etc. whatever is applicable.