How can I stop unwanted attraction?

How can I stop unwanted attraction?

How to Stop Being Attracted to Someone Who’s Not Good for You

  1. Figure out what the heck you are so attracted to in that person who isn’t good for you.
  2. Counter sexual, romantic or positive thoughts with immediate negative ones.
  3. Think about the qualities of your best friends.
  4. Write about your romantic penchants.

Why am I so attracted to someone I cant have?

“Being attracted to people that are taken or emotionally unavailable can be due to a combination of nature and nurture,” Dr. “You may feel that someone that is taken or emotionally unavailable is of higher status, which is a survival trait, because they are already claimed, and aren’t showering you with attention.”

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How do you stop liking someone who doesnt like you?


  1. Listen to music that lets you feel your feelings.
  2. Exercise. It helps to clear your mind and you will be healthier.
  3. Write in a diary if you have one.
  4. Write a letter to him if you want.
  5. Go on some long walks by yourself.
  6. Know when to stop.
  7. Consult a therapist if you can’t get back into your normal life.

How do you know if a guy is attracted to you?

Physical contact is a clear sign he’s attracted. He might touch your arm, put his hand on your back or touch you in some other way. Physical gestures are a powerful sign of male attraction. 7. He Gets Nervous Around You

How can I Lose my attraction to my boyfriend?

The most convenient way to lose an attraction to someone, is to develop one for someone else. But, of course, you have no control over that. I would suggest filling your time doing things that make you feel better than being around him. Then, at least there’s a chance your attraction will become weaker.

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How can I Make my Boyfriend feel more attracted to me?

As many people know the common phrase: “Distance is what makes two people feel more attracted to each other.” as in, the phrase of liking and being attracted to someone. What you could do is to have yourself see him more often in situations where his flaws are revealed rather than hidden.

What are the signs of attraction between two people?

Chances are if you feel like there is something special between you and someone else, then that’s a sign of attraction between two people. Some signs of emotional chemistry include: