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How do you speak to someone in Vietnamese?

How do you speak to someone in Vietnamese?

To address people, formally, you always see Vietnamese people use Mr. or Ms. or a title plus the first name. Traditionally, Vietnamese greet each other by joining hands and bowing slightly. However, in big cities, some men have adopted the Western practice of shaking hands.

Why do Vietnamese yell?

The Vietnamese are loud. They shout a lot when they talk and will often yell to get your attention. Vietnam, on the contrary, values indirect communication in the workplace setting. If there’s a problem it can be seen as rude to confront someone in person.

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Are there differences in the value system between the US and Vietnam?

In terms of overall differences, Vietnamese were more concerned about their security and less concerned about their individual freedom than were Americans. Further, in many respects, the values of college-educated Vietnamese were more similar to Americans’ values than to other Vietnamese.

Why do Vietnamese smile?

Vietnamese believe that smiles give them a better life even they are not rich now. A smile expresses their wishes in life and make them stronger to overcome difficulties. Vietnamese rely more often on nonverbal communication than others countries, so it is possible a source of confusion.

Is Vietnam a feminine country?

Vietnam scores 40 on this dimension and is thus considered a Feminine society. In Feminine countries the focus is on “working in order to live”, managers strive for consensus, people value equality, solidarity and quality in their working lives.

What is the difference between Vietnamese and American culture?

Americans will use body contact more readily than Vietnamese, especially hugging. The main difference is that the Vietnamese generally communicate in a language known to them as “tieng Việt”…while the American will communicate in what is known to them as “’murican” which is basically a pidgin/simplified version of English, pronounced badly.

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What is the official language of Vietnam?

If you are asking about official usage of each language, it is Vietnamese in Vietnam and American English in the United States. While it is true that the government has not made English the official language, it’s actions and governmental usage imply that English serves at least as the common language.

What do Vietnamese people ask Americans when they meet them?

Older Vietnamese (parents friends) like to ask youngsters (people they just met) things that Americans consider really personal, like a person’s age, marital status, how many children you have, what your grade in school, what your career, what you do with your money, etc.

What is the family life like in Vietnam?

Now, in Vietnam, families stay as close to each other as possible. Family duty is no joke, and it’s your responsibility as a son/daughter to take care of your parents and elder family members. And when you have kids, they’ll take care of you.

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