How does Andrzej Sapkowski feel about The Witcher games?

How does Andrzej Sapkowski feel about The Witcher games?

In short, Sapkowski acknowledges that the games are “a high-level product” (even if he hasn’t actually played them), but has a low opinion of video games as a storytelling medium.

Are The Witcher books as good as the games?

In other words — the game is great at things which makes good books (world, story, characters), but bad at things which makes good games (exploration, challenge, choices). The Witcher books have all the good points, but none of the bad points. If you have good imagination, they have better graphics too.

Do The Witcher video games follow the books?

In the end, The Witcher games happen a few years following both the books and Netflix’s The Witcher. On the other hand, The Witcher games will also be amazingly faithful to the books in how they signify Geralt’s world all around.

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How similar are The Witcher games to the books?

The Witcher: 5 Ways The Games Are Similar To The Books (& 5 Ways They Aren’t)

  • 5 Different: Signs Are Not Overpowered.
  • 6 Similar: Supernatural Events Are Based On Folklore.
  • 7 Different: Triss’ Scars.
  • 8 Similar: The Last Wish.
  • 9 Different: Geralt Hates Beards.
  • 10 Similar: The Lodge of Sorceresses.

Was Witcher a book or game first?

Original story: The Witcher fantasy began long before the excellent video games made by Polish studio CD Projekt Red. The Witcher was originally a short story published in a Polish fantasy magazine in 1986. Today The Witcher series encompasses three collections of short stories and five novels.

Does Stephen Sapkowski play video games?

Sapkowski does not play games himself, but he knew he wasn’t qualified to write one when CD Projekt Red asked him to collaborate on the original Witcher game.

What is Andrzej Sapkowski’s relationship with CD Projekt Red like?

The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski has a strained history with CD Projekt Red, developer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and other video game adaptations of his book series, and the writer has shared plenty of controversial opinions about video games in the past.

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How good of a writer is Michal Sapkowski?

While Sapkowski is one of the most translated writers world-wide, he seems to be a bit odd with his behavior regarding his books and the popularity of the series thanks to the video games. I dare not judge too harshly all based on an article and translation of it.

Did the Witcher games make the books even more popular?

These games helped the books to become even more popular. Until the first Witcher game, only one book was translated in English. The game has caused me a lot of stink and shit … because the foreign publishers started to use the graphics of the game on the covers. And people rejected the book, saying that it is not new, it is game-related .