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How many languages should an IAS officer speak?

How many languages should an IAS officer speak?

HELLO, Friend , in order to become an IAS officer you must know three languages that is : English , Hindi , And another one their respective Native Language .

Is English is compulsory for IPS?

ANSWERS (2) Hi,It is not essential. Across India, we have I.P.S officers who speak different languages.

Is IPS easy or IAS?

IAS and IPS are the highly prestigious carrier options in India. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service whereas IPS stands for Indian Police Service. Both are challenging jobs which not only give you with power and position but also come with duties towards the nation and responsibility towards society.

Can I become an IPS officer without knowing Hindi?

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No. Imperial and post-Independence Indian Police Services require a written exam where your language proficiency is tested.

How many languages do I need to learn to talk to people?

If you want to speak to them in their native language, Quora User is right that you’d need more than 150 languages. However, I think that you were asking about having any language in common with people, even if it’s not their native language.

How many people in the world can speak 7 languages?

So far, pretending there won’t be any overlapping among languages, you will be able to speak to 3,9 billion people (half of the World’s population), if you speak these 7 languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

How well do immigrants speak English?

English language ability is correlated with educational attainment. Seventy-one percent of immigrants with college degrees speak English either exclusively or “very well.”

How many languages can Richard speak?

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Richard has studied more than 40 languages over the years and can speak in over 16 (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Latvian, Russian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese and Ladino, to name a few!).