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How many miles can a Tesla Model 3 go?

How many miles can a Tesla Model 3 go?

Model 3 and Model Y Teslas are covered up to 120,000 miles (or eight years), while the Model S and Model X are covered up to 150,000 miles (or eight years).

What is less expensive over a five year period a Tesla or a Toyota Camry?

According to Tesla, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus and Toyota Camry will cost you about the same over five years, which is interesting since the Model 3 is a $40,000 luxury sedan, and the Camry is a $25,000 mainstream sedan.

Is Toyota cheaper than Tesla?

This is largely because the resale values on Tesla Model 3s are much higher than that of the Toyotas; a study released in 2020 suggested that they lose just 5.5\% of their value per year, and can thus resell for about 80\% of their value after 5 years….Tesla Model 3 now costs less to own than Toyota Camry hybrid.

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Tesla Model 3 Toyota Camry Hybrid
Cost to own $26,563 $30,330

Is Tesla really worth more than GM?

Tesla is the most valuable automaker by far. Its market capitalization (stock price times shares outstanding) of $629 billion ranks it sixth among companies on the U.S. stock market. The electric-car company is worth almost 8 times GM and nearly 13 times F.

How much does a Toyota Tesla cost?

Over five years and 60,000 miles. With a starting price of $39,490, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus costs around the same as premium combustion-powered sedans like the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.

Should I buy a Toyota Camry Hybrid or Tesla Model 3 SR plus?

A Toyota Camry Hybrid, or a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. We go past the initial buying price and determine the overall cost of ownership for both these vehicles. Model 3 SR Plus is Tesla’s most energy efficient electric vehicle and is considered a bargain by many because of colossal amount of features you get for the price.

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What is the true cost of owning a Tesla Model 3?

So after calculating insurance, maintenance, repairs, taxes, fees, financing, depreciation and cost of electricity, we get the true cost of ownership for the Tesla Model 3 which is $25,209. As you can see the actual true cost of ownership for Model 3 is considerably less than the Camry.

What is the true cost of ownership for 2020 Camry Hybrid?

As you can see in the data table, the true cost of ownership for 2020 Camry Hybrid is $36,571 which includes vehicle depreciation. Since there’s no five years of data for the Tesla Model 3 because it’s a newer vehicle, its tricky to figure out the depreciation numbers, so we will have to make some assumptions.

How long does a Toyota Camry Hybrid warranty last?

These five years and 60,000 miles falls under both automaker’s warranty periods, so any major repairs required would be covered by the warranty. The 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid has starting price of $28,250 and the 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus costs $39,990 for its base model.