How many times did Naruto fail the graduation?

How many times did Naruto fail the graduation?

The reason is that Naruto actually failed the graduation exam twice, and then team 7 was formed, they went on several Drank and C rank missions, they also went to the land of waves a B rank mission where they fight Zabuza Momochi, and then they took part in the Chunin exams. .

How did Naruto fail the chunin exams?

The reason Naruto didn’t pass the Chunin exams is simply the fact that it was interrupted. Plain and simple. The exams never went to completion. The ONLY reason Shikamaru made it to chunin was because he showed an intellect well past his years.

How old was Naruto when he became a Genin?

He became a genin after graduating at the top of his class at the academy at the mere age of 5. In fact, he was so skilled that he was allowed to take the Chunin Exam with his team at the age of 6, which he passed. He finally became a jonin at the age of 12.

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Is Naruto still a Genin in Boruto?

He might have achieved his goal of becoming the Hokage, but Naruto is still technically ranked as a Genin in the Boruto sequel series. In the world of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto, there are three ninja ranks to attain after passing the academy graduation exam.

Why is Naruto a Kage but not a Genin?

A shinobi’s rank doesn’t necessarily reflect their abilities, as such, Naruto despite being a genin, was selected to become a kage. He admitted to Team 5 that he was still a genin at the time of his selection to become Hokage due to circumstances prevented him from taking the Chūnin Exams beyond the first and only one he ever took.

Was Naruto a Jounin before he became the Hokage?

Naruto had a Jounin title before he took up the Hokage title. What a lot of people get wrong is the Hokage title. It is not only a rank, but also the title given to the leader of Konoha. Each Hidden Village will have a ruling Kage, but also have predecessor Kage (retired).

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What is the average age to become a Genin or Chunin?

But with that said the average is about 12–13 yeas old as that is how old Both Naruto and Boruto Became genin. There is however no limitations when you can become a genin or a chunin. People like Naruto might not have had the chance to become chunin and tried to take it later so it appears that you can become a chunin anytime.