Is iPhone worth buying in 2020?

Is iPhone worth buying in 2020?

And, the iPhone 11 is the affordable iPhone you should buy in 2020. Other than that, the iPhone 11 slightly better battery life, slightly better performance and a new range of colours to choose from. However, Apple could have upgraded the 720p LCD display to an OLED panel on the iPhone 11.

Is the XR still a good phone in 2021?

Make no mistake: in 2021, the iPhone XR is still one of the best cheap iPhones you can buy. It takes everything you love about newer, more premium models — like Face ID, all-screen display, and a great camera — only it’s offered at a much more budget-friendly price point.

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Is the iPhone 11 worth the price difference?

If all you want is a functional iPhone, and you want value for money, meaning an iPhone that doesn’t cost the earth, an iPhone 11 – the phone itself is now cheaper, thanks to the release of the iPhone 12 – does make quite a bit of sense. When it comes to the iPhone 11’s price, you’re looking at some pretty big savings.

Why is Apple selling old iPhones for newer ones?

Apple does this to speed up adoption of its older model, while demand for its newer (and more expensive models) spools up.

Is the iPhone still worth buying in 2021?

The only thing missing, really, is support for 5G. If you can live with 5G on your iPhone, the iPhone is still a great buy in 2021, if you’re looking for great value for money. Internally, you have all the specs and performance you’ll ever need.

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Should you buy your iPhone through your cell-phone carrier or buy it online?

Most consumers still buy their iPhones through their cell-phone carrier. But carriers no longer subsidize the price of the phone, eliminating a major incentive for buying through them. So with the price of a new iPhone basically the same no matter where you buy it, consumers need to weigh other factors in deciding where to buy their phone.