Is IRS job stressful?

Is IRS job stressful?

They work for long hours of work in front of the computer which could lead to related physical strains. The job of an IRS Officer entails more mental stress and strain than physical discomforts or hazards.

Does IAS officers have free time?

The day to day life of an IAS officer during training is very disciplined and starts at 6 am sharp. The following is the schedule usually followed at LBSNAA: 6 am: Morning exercise/horse riding training for 60 minutes. 7 am to 9 am: Free time for morning activities.

Why is IRS better than IAS?

There is more work-life balance in the IRS than the IAS. Political interference is almost zero here. If you prefer residing in the metro cities, you may prefer the IRS since 80-90\% of the postings are in metro or big cities. If your spouse is also in the IRS, you can be posted together most of the time, unlike the IAS.

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Is working at the IRS a good job?

Working at the Internal Revenue Service is good, the pay is decent and you get to learn a lot. If you don’t mind reading and researching a lot then its one of the best jobs out there.

What is the difference between IAS and IRS jobs?

The job of an IAS officer is far wider and eclectic and he gets more opportunities to help people directly than an IRS officer. IAS officers have more role in policy formations at both the Central and State levels. People interested in taxation should opt for this service.

Can I become an IAS officer after 4-6 years of work?

I know a few people who got into IAS after 4-6 years of working in their other jobs as IPS, IRS etc. It is because, the type of recognition an IAS or IPS gets at such young age is unparallel in other services. They get the big bungalows, red-light cars and uniformed guards which are not available to other services.

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Why do IPS officers compare their salaries with other officers?

The officers who are satisfied are usually those who are honest. Some among the officers who keep comparing their salaries are those who use low salaries as an excuse to justify their corruption. I served as an IPS officer and my wife is an IAS officer.

Why do IITians opt for IFS instead of IAS?

They still enjoy the pay scales and promotions same as IAS. Most of the toppers used to opt for IFS. That was the time when 90\% of IITians used to go abroad (mostly USA) because India was a not liberalized and the salaries of Indian Civil Servants were very low.