What do introverts think about?

What do introverts think about?

Actually, most introverts love hearing about random people’s stories, fears, and dreams. We just really hate being trapped into small talk, and aren’t comfortable having deep conversations with complete strangers.

How is an introverts brain different?

One major difference between the brains of introverts and extroverts is the way we respond to the neurotransmitter dopamine. It’s not that introverts have less dopamine present in their brains than extroverts do. In fact, both introverts and extroverts have the same amount of dopamine available.

What do extroverted introverts like to say?

Extroverted introverts often exhibit this tendency, as they have conditioned themselves to speak up, but they are also cautious about saying just about anything. If you can relate, you should know that your thoughts are original and they matter. Join the introvert revolution.

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Are introverts socially anxious?

One of the biggest myths about introverts that has now mercifully been debunked is that all of us “quiet ones” are socially anxious. But social anxiety is not limited to introverts; extroverts can be socially anxious, too.

Does Netflix have too many shows for introverts to keep up?

If you think Netflix has too many shows to keep up with, you should take a peek inside an “extroverted” introvert’s mind. I am a writer who identifies as an introvert and is a cultured extrovert. Confused? A “cultured extrovert,” as I’m defining it, is an introvert who has developed an extroverted persona to serve as a public face.

How do you know if you have introspection?

1. Your mind never switches off. As an extroverted introvert, almost everything I look at triggers introspection. Singing birds, a solitary rose, or a FedEx driver can all either trigger a memory or an imaginary circumstance in my mind. All this is just on a regular day.