What is the procedure to get beer shop license in Maharashtra?

What is the procedure to get beer shop license in Maharashtra?

Here are the steps to apply for a liquor license in Mumbai.

  1. Step 1: Obtain a court stamp of Rs. The applicant has to obtain a court fee stamp of Rs.
  2. Step 2: Approach the Permit issuing office.
  3. Step 3: Receive the application form.
  4. Step 4: Enter the Details.
  5. Step 5: Affix the stamp.
  6. Step 6: Submit the Application.

How can I get alcohol license in Maharashtra?

To apply for a liquor permit in Maharashtra, customers can follow these steps: Go to Aaple Sarkaar website and create a user ID. To create a user ID, select “New User? Register Here” option, then click on “Option 1” and provide relevant details such as City/District and mobile number.

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Is beer shop profitable in Maharashtra?

Getting right to the point– Is a beer/liquor shop a profitable business in India Well, the answer is Yes! No matter what the country’s economic state is, the government makes a lot of profit by just keeping liquor shops open.

How much liquor can I carry in Maharashtra without permit?

12 bottles
At any given time one person can own/stock up to 12 bottles of alcohol at a time, provided they have a liquor permit. If you own an expensive collection of liquor without a permit and the excise department receives a complaint, then yes, you are breaking the law and you can get arrested!

How can I buy alcohol online in Maharashtra?

Here are 5 online stores to deliver booze to your doorstep.

  • BeerBox by aBEER. BeerBox by aBEER is your personal shopping assistant for chilled bottles of beer and exquisite wine.
  • Living Liquidz. Mumbai-based Living Liquidz has a strong chain of retail stores all across the city.
  • Doolally.
  • Nature’s Basket.
  • Spiritzone.
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What is the price of Kingfisher beer?

Kingfisher Strong – ₹145 for 650 ml. Kingfisger Premium Lager – ₹140 for 650 ml.

What is the license fee for a liquor license in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, the annual licence fee is around 5.5.laks of rupees and the processing of licence takes over a year. You need to have retail store space in market as per the provisions of the excise act. A. Licence fee and misc exp rs.6 lakhs.

What are the requirements to start a wine shop in Mumbai?

You need to have your own shop with minimum area of 180sqft , it shld be away 100mtr away from religious structures, educational institutions, hospitals. How much can a wine shop owner earn in a year in Mumbai?

How does the Maharashtra government earn revenue from liquor business?

Maharashtra government earns huge revenue from liquor business. Bear Shop licence easily available but every district has two types of licence one is called city area another is for rural area. Rural area licence come cheaper as consumption is less. But some intelligent people open shop on highway and mint money.

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How to start a liquor business in India?

Any individual or entity before selling alcohol in India must obtain a Liquor license. We all know selling liquor without a license can lead to serious issues and penalties. What are you waiting for, start your liquor business by obtaining a liquor license!