What phone does Blackpink use?

What phone does Blackpink use?

You’ll notice Samsung products flashed at you when you are watching Blackpink’s music videos. In their Kill This Love video, Jisoo wears Galaxy earbuds and Rose sports a Galaxy Watch Active, while Jennie holds up a Galaxy S10+ and Lisa waves the phone while rapping.

What phone does Blackpink use 2021?

Why was BLACKPINK member Jisoo slammed by netizens more than others? Jisoo did not do anything wrong in switching her old phone out for a newer device as her contract with Samsung has now come to an end. However, netizens are divided between her being “not loyal” vs. “Their contract ended long ago.”

What kind of phone does Jennie Kim have?

Jennie Kim from “Blackpink” (Samsung ambassador) taking a mirror selfie with her Galaxy Note 10+

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Is Blackpink allowed to use iPhone?

No iPhones Allowed For BLACKPINK As Jennie Politely Declines Fan Wanting A Selfie. This is sad news for all the BLINKs who are iPhone users who want to hand their phones over to the girls to get a selfie from them, as they are not allowed to be seen promoting Apple products.

Does Blackpink use Samsung?

The entire video song shows all four Blackpink members using, wearing, or flaunting at least one Samsung product, such as Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy S10+. That was the extent of the contract Blackpink signed with Samsung.

Who sponsors Blackpink?

BLACKPINK also has deals with Pepsi, Samsung, Shopee, the Philippine telecommunications company Globe Telecom, Adidas, the luxury hotel and resort Paradise City, haircare brand Mise-En-Scéne, Sprite Korea, and more.

What phones do Blackpink members use?

Blackpink members are now using a Samsung phone since they land an endorsement with this brand. There was one time when Jisoo at their concert grabbed a phone from the audience and recorded herself singing then Jennie suddenly grabbed her before they lose the endorsement.

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Is BLACKPINK the new face of Samsung?

Blackpink are apparently proud ambassadors for South Korean mobile phone brand Samsung. Photo: Samsung/Handout

Which Blackpink members are Samsung ambassadors?

Blackpink are unshakeable Samsung ambassadors: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa refuse iPhone selfies, have special Galaxy S20 colours in their honour, and show off the South Korean smartphone brand in music videos

Did you know Blackpink members own Apple products?

Jennie was also caught about to take a selfie with a fan’s phone, only to stop herself when she realised it was an iPhone. But many fans know that the BLACKPINK members own Apple products and that it isn’t exactly a secret. Recently, BLACKPINK did a live broadcast when Rosé accidentally let this slip.