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Which one is better NIT or NSIT?

Which one is better NIT or NSIT?

NITs are definitely better than NSIT. NITs are just below the IITs and BITS PILANI.

Is NSIT better than nit Delhi?

When it comes to comparing between these colleges, you should know that NIT Delhi is not in the same leagues as NSIT and DTU. If you are interested in computer-related placements, NSIT has better placements as it has low competition and better proximity to Gurgaon.

Is Jee advanced compulsory for nsit?

Yes, you have chances in NSIT for CSE branch. You should also appear for JEE Advanced to get admission in IITs.

How tough is it to get into DTU?

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Hi, as per your question it is not very difficult to take admission in DTU but it is a little tricky. You have to score good in JEE Mains as well as board exams and then there are decent chances for you to claim a seat. So all the best for future. MAM (or AE) branch have around 90 students in their batch.

Is NSIT Delhi better than other NITs?

If you compare placements then NSIT is better than all NITs, DTU, and few IIT. Location of the college is very good i.e. near to metro station so that you can roam anywhere in Delhi very easily.

Is NITS better than nsits for mechanical engineering?

NITS won’t offer such huge packages. Mechanical branch here is 2 years old but college reputation will give them heavy bucks. Still if u want a NIT tag ,then prefer one of the top 6 NIT otherwise it is always better to raise up for NSIT. NITs are definitely better than NSIT.

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Which one is better DTU Delhi or IIIT Delhi?

In terms of extracurricular areas like sports, cultural events (intra college and inter-college events), DTU/NSUT are better in this area as they are established college and have their brand name. In contrast, IIIT Delhi is a growing college and is relatively doing well in these areas.

What is the best thing about Delhi Technological University?

The research presented by DTUites are considered best in itself. A student should also get varied exposure along with a bit of everything. Delhi Technological University makes it sure to provide the same to its students.