Which platform is best for mutual fund investment?

Which platform is best for mutual fund investment?

Best App for Direct Mutual Fund Investment

Broker Demat Account Opening Fee Request Callback
Zerodha Rs 0 Open Account
Groww Rs 0 Open Account
5paisa Rs 0 (Free) Open Account
Paytm Money Rs 0 Open Account

Which demat account is best for mutual funds?

To know the Top 8 Best Demat Account for mutual funds in India – 2021

  • Sharekhan.
  • Wisdom Capital.
  • Kotak Securities.
  • SBI securities.
  • HDFC Securities.
  • SAMCO.
  • SAS online.

Is Icici direct better than Zerodha?

ICICI Direct is better than Zerodha in the following ways: ICICI Direct offers free stock tips, research and advisory services. Zerodha doesn’t provide advisory. ICICI Direct Neo plan offers brokerage-free equity futures trading. ICICI Direct offers free account opening while Zerodha charges Rs 200.

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Which is the best mutual fund in Zerodha?

Compare Mutual Funds

Axis Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan
CAGR Returns (3 months) 0.27\%
CAGR Returns (6 months) 12.97\%
CAGR Returns (1 year) 28.99\%
Initial Price ₹ 10.00

Which is the best platform to invest in direct mutual funds?

The best platform to invest in direct mutual funds is Coin Zerodha. Good Evening! There are many platforms to invest in mutual funds , most of them providing regular mutual fund plans. Nothing but you are paying commission to the broker. ( Most of the people, don’t know about this , these are hidden charges)

What is optionzerodha coin?

Zerodha coin is India’s largest direct mutual fund platform that lets you buy direct mutual funds online with no commission passback, directly from asset management companies . Your mutual funds, stocks , currencies, bonds, and more all in your Demat account .

Which is the best mutual fund app in India?

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List of Best Mutual Fund Apps & Platforms in India 1 Kuvera. Kuvera is the free online portal for the investors of direct mutual fund plans. 2 Groww. Groww is an online platform that offers direct mutual fund plans. 3 ETMoney. 4 Goalwise. 5 Zerodha Coin. 6 Paytm Money. 7 Piggy.

Is Kuvera a good platform to invest in direct mutual funds?

Not only has that, but it also provides free financial advice. Kuvera provides funds from 37 AMCs and doesn’t charge anything to invest in direct mutual funds. The platform’s key feature is goal-based investments. It will set the right path for your goal. Kuvera also helps in identifying the associated risk with each type of fund.