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Who is the charioteer of Lord Indra who had once taken Arjun to swarg?

Who is the charioteer of Lord Indra who had once taken Arjun to swarg?

So perhaps being asked to drive forward was a new experience for Indra’s charioteer. In the Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna is Arjuna’s charioteer and Arjuna tells Him to drive the chariot and place it between the two armies so that he (Arjuna) can see his opponents.

Is Vali more powerful than Hanuman?

Hanuman is more powerful than Vali. No doubt. But defeating Vali in a straight fight is very difficult as Vali has a boon that he will absord half the power of the opponent in fight. It is this reason, even Lord Rama has to kill Vali from behind.

What was the name of Arjuna’s chariot in Mahabharata?

The name of the Chariot of Arjuna was Kapi Dhwaja. It was donated by Agni (the fire-god) to Arjuna, and could conquer all directions, wherever it was drawn through out the three worlds. Arjuna’s chariot name was ‘ Nandi Ghosh’ and The flag was called ‘Kapi dhvaja’ which has ‘lord Hanuman’ figure on it.

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What is the name of the rath of Arjun?

It is Krishna, for He is Arjuna’s charioteer.

How did Rama fight with Ravana in the Mahabharata?

1. Kands: Rama and Ravana fought a fierce battle with bow and arrows for nearly seven days. Ravana’s chariot’s flag-staff was brought down by Rama’s arrows. Every time that Rama cut off Ravana’s head, another head would crop up in its place.

How did Ghatotkacha and Karna fight?

Karna had to resort to his celestial weapons, and Ghatotkacha had to resort to his Rakshasa illusions. Ghatotkacha was surrounded by man eating Rakshasas of fierce proportions. There were thousands of them, and because it was night time, they became more powerful. They all rushed at Karna releasing a thick shower of stones and rocks.

Why did Ghatotkacha attack Ashvatthama in Kurukshetra?

Seeing Bhima’s gruesome appearance, all Kuru warriors fled that spot. The battle became fierce on both sides. It was as if Kurukshetra had become the domain of Yamaraja himself. Ghatotkacha, surrounded by an akshauhini division of Rakshasas, attacked Ashvatthama, imploring the illusions of mystic power.

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How did Ghatotkacha release the celestial Mace at Ashvatthama?

The sky was filled with arrows, javelins, darts, maces, battle axes and swords. Seeing that mass of weapons coming toward him, Drona’s son invoked his celestial weapons, decimating them all. Ghatotkacha then released a celestial mace at Ashvatthama.