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Who is the most talented in SuperM?

Who is the most talented in SuperM?

Lucas is hands down the most talented member of SuperM, but he simply didn’t get the opportunity to shine.

Who is the oldest in SuperM?

27-year-old Baekhyun is the vocalist from EXO. He is the oldest member of SuperM.

How were the members of SuperM chosen?

When asked how the members came together, leader Baekhyun responded, “For starters, it was Lee Soo Man who picked us. Leader Baekhyun stated, “Our goal is to display super synergy through our individuality, skills, and experience.” He continued, “When we got together, there were no difficulties.

Did Baekhyun leave SuperM?

EXO’s Baekhyun revealed that he will be retiring from his Korean boy band group to serve in the military. The Candy crooner will be enlisting in the military starting from April, just soon after Baekhyun’s solo debut album, Bambi releases on March 30.

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How many NCT units is Mark in?

While some other members are in two of the three active subunits (Taeil, Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Haechan), only rapper Mark has the distinction of being in NCT U, 127, and Dream.

Who is the main dancer of SuperM?

Lee Tae Yong
Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist Lee Tae Yong, or known as TAEYONG amongst his fans, was the leader of the NCT boy band group with MARK, LUCAS and TEN. TAEYONG’s remarkable performance has led him to be given the role of the main rapper and main dancer, even without any prior experience in dancing.

Is SuperM a permanent group?

SM Entertainment’s head producer Lee Soo Man unveiled the label’s ultra-super-boy-group SuperM, aka “the Avengers of K-pop,” for the first time ever. SuperM will be promoted as a PERMANENT BRAND of its own, and the group will debut this coming October in the US and will be managed by Capitol Records!

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Does Kai leave EXO?

No, Kai stays at EXO and is part of the “Super M” project, with his best friend Taemin and his teammate Baekhyun, among others.