Why do Koreans not show their shoulders?

Why do Koreans not show their shoulders?

Although society is slowly changing in Korea, it still remains quite a conservative country. In Korean society girls who wear clothing which expose their shoulder blades are considered too ‘sexual’ or ‘too revealing, more so than girls who wear super short mini-skirts.

Why do Korean wear short skirts?

Koreans have usually slimmer lega and also are smaller in hight a short skirt will highlight their im legs and make them seem longer whereas western woman are curvier they can show cleavage or their curvier bodies.

Is cleavage taboo in Korea?

Cleavage is such a role in Korea. Women who are capable of cleavage are far rarer than women with pretty legs. So, the eyes of Korean men keep going there. South Korean women with Cleavage choose to hide their Cleavage rather than endure the hostile attitude of other women.

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Can I show shoulders in Korea?

In Korea, for whatever reason, showing your shoulders is not a thing. Like, don’t try it. It’s a cultural taboo that you can get away with in big cities like Seoul, Busan and, to some extent, Daejeon, without getting too many sideways glances.

What should you not do with chopsticks in Korea?

Don’t ever stab your food with your chopsticks or place your chopsticks up right into your rice. Both of these gestures are considered threatening. (Also on a side note, never write a person’s name in red ink for the same reason) Korean food consists of many side dishes.

What is in style for boys and girls in South Korea?

Girls and guys alike, aren’t afraid to try out some snail cream, or pig collagen masks designed to brighten, smooth wrinkles, and making their skin healthier overall. Most of what is in style for both boys and girls here is reflected in Korean pop culture, most especially in dramas and pop music. The overall message, dress to impress!

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What should you not do in a Korean lecture?

Koreans will view questions posed during the lecture as a challenge to the professor and almost as though you don’t trust or believe in what they are teaching you. DON’T sit in the seats at the end of the subway car reserved for the elderly, handicapped, and pregnant.

What do Koreans say when you walk into a store?

If you fail to do either of the two things mentioned above, Koreans will glare at you and mutter “Aiee, weegook-saram..” —ugh, foreigner… As you walk into a store and hear “Anyeonghaseyo,” (Hello) DON’T ignore the shopkeeper, DO bellow back “Ne anyeonghaseyo!” and give the shopkeeper a head bow.