Why does Morpheus pick Neo to be unplugged?

Why does Morpheus pick Neo to be unplugged?

The assumption on their part was that the person thus flushed would quickly die and no longer be a problem, but Morpheus and his crew had discovered where the pipes led to, and were waiting there to pick him up when he came out. This was their way of “freeing” people.

Why did Morpheus think Neo was the one?

Morpheus’ unshakable belief that Neo was the second One probably stemmed from the fact that the Oracle had prophesied his return, harkening the destruction of the Matrix and the end of the war once and for all. NEXT: Matrix 4: Why Neo’s Old Hairstyle Is Back – Is It Time Travel?

Why isnt Morpheus in the new Matrix?

The reason why Laurence Fishburne doesn’t return as Morpheus is that his character managed to survive the events of the original trilogy and the climactic battle of Zion, therefore he’s still alive in the real world and not this new version of the Matrix.

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Why is Neo so special in the Matrix?

But Neo is special because Zionites look him as the chosen one. That’s how Morpheous came to know about him through the martial arts training. He eventually broke agent smith program in matrix and after a chance to kill the program at final by making a pact. He gave his brain for the architect.

Why did the machines take Neos body?

Neo sacrificed himself to stop the spread of Agent Smith, which the Matrix could no longer control. Neo destroyed it from within, and in the process both he and Agent Smith died. The last we saw of Neo the machines respectfully carried away his crucifixion-posed corpse.

Why did the Oracle say Neo wasn’t The One?

Originally Answered: Why did Oracle tell Neo that he was not The One in the first movie? The oracle told Neo he wasn’t the one so that he would think that his life wasn’t irreplaceable. This prompted Neo to go on an attempt to save Morpheus.

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Who is the chosen one matrix?

Neo is the one. The architect created the matrix but Neo created the universe, Neo is God.