Why tropical rainforest has a large no of population of animals give reason?

Why tropical rainforest has a large no of population of animals give reason?

Solution: The tropical rainforest has a large population of animals due to favourable climatic conditions and easy availability of different kinds of foods. These regions are hot and humid with ample rainfall which supports the growth of animals and plants.

Why is there such a large species diversity in tropical rainforests and why are there so many extinctions occurring there?

A: Scientists believe that there is a great diversity of animals because rainforests are the oldest ecosystems on earth. During the Ice Ages, the last of which ended about 10,000 years ago, the frozen areas of the North and South Poles spread over much of the earth, causing a high rate of animal extinction.

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What type of animal is most numerous in tropical rainforests?

Insects are the most numerous animals in rainforests.

What is the largest problem facing tropical rainforests?

The tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin face the threat of deforestation . Deforestation is happening due to the following reasons: Farming – large areas are cleared for pastoral farming .

Why are tropical rainforest better homes for diverse populations of plants and animals?

What makes tropical rainforests such hotspots for biodiversity? The canopy structure of the forest provides an abundance of places for plants to grow and animals to live. The canopy offers sources of food, shelter, hiding places and interaction between different species for the plants and animals to thrive.

Why is large variety of animals found in the equatorial region?

Explanation: Thanks to this climate the trees find the ideal conditions for their development: consequently in the equatorial regions enormous tropical forests extend across the land. In a tropical rain forest we find the largest variety of plants and animals to be found in nature.

Why is species diversity greater in tropical regions?

The higher temperatures in the tropics cause higher rates of metabolism, ecological dynamics and coevolutionary processes, which generate and maintain higher biodiversity.

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Which of the following animals does not belong to tropical rainforest?

Answer: reindeer not many of them live in tropical rain forest..

How many animal species are in the tropical rainforest?

No one knows exactly how many species live in the world’s tropical rainforests — estimates range from 3 to 50 million species — rainforests are the undisputed champions of biodiversity among the world’s ecosystems, containing far higher numbers of species on a per-area basis relative to sub-tropical, temperate, and …

How does climate change affect the tropical rainforest?

Rapid climate change could affect the rainforest by increasing the temperature and driving animals to regions farther away from the equator with cooler temperatures but greater seasonal swings they must adapt to, while organisms that remain in the rainforests either adapt to the higher temperatures or die out.

What are the current issues affecting the Philippine tropical rainforest?

Aside from logging (whether legal or illegal), other causes of deforestation in the Philippines are forest fires, “kaingin” farming (slash-and-burn agriculture), and mining operations. Volcanic eruptions have also devastated some of the country’s tropical rainforests.

Why are there so many animals in the tropical rainforest?

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Tropical rainforests have a very warm and humid climate, making it ideal for plant growth. Plants, being the producers of the food chain, contribute to the extremely large populations of animals found in tropical rainforests. Explore related topics by registering at BYJU’S Biology.

What percentage of the earth’s surface is tropical rainforest?

Tropical rainforests occupy only 2\% of the earth’s surface but it contains 50\% of plants and animals on Earth. The reasons why plants and animals are abundant in this place are:

What type of animals live in the understory layer of the rainforest?

The tropical rainforest layer between the forest floor and the canopy is the understory layer, and it receives only about 5\% of the sunlight. A large number of small mammals, birds, reptiles, and predators like the jaguar inhabit this layer.

What are the causes of tropical rainforest destruction?

The forces of destruction such as logging, cattle ranching have all contributed to the loss of millions of acres of tropical rainforest. Animals and people alike lose their homes when trees are cut down. These animals are given no warning to move – no time to pack their bags – and most die when the forest is destroyed.