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Can a mechanical engineer write eLitmus?

Can a mechanical engineer write eLitmus?

For IT field, eLitmus & AMCAT will do good. Being a mechanical engineer, you don’t have to necessarily work in core field only. You can work in IT field if you like as it offers a good salary, if he has interest one can achieve good heights in packages.

Is amcat worth IT for mechanical engineers?

The AMCAT exam tests you on that. It deciphers how clear your core is and whether your knowledge is in-depth or not. Also, it helps Mechanical Engineering students put to application the knowledge they have acquired over the 4 years of the college curriculum.

Is 590 a good score in CoCubes?

An overall score of 550 or above is considered a good score.

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Is AMCAT useful for civil engineers?

Taking an AMCAT exam is beneficial as it helps significantly in clearing the first round of selection in a given company. To score well in the civil engineering module, one needs to start giving attention to their AMCAT preparation.

What is the fee for Elitmus exam?

Rs. 920/-
Application Fee:- The pH test fee at present is Rs. 920/-. You can either pay in cash (accepted at E-litmus Bangalore office only), or through DD or payment online.

Is CoCubes tougher?

There is no negative marking in the CoCubes Exam.

How effective is CoCubes?

CoCubes helps in assessing online, shortlisting in less time, managing interviews and providing an offer with a click. This saves time and cost for both the firms and the job-seekers. Institutional view: It helps institutes measure and improves the employability of students.

Is the CoCubes exam easier than eLitmus or Amcat?

If you do with full concentration, it will turn out to be easier. Cocubes is also an employability assessment for freshers. It is a less known exam compared to eLitmus and AMCAT. But once you score a good percentile here, definitely you will be offered higher package and offers from companies.

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Is E-litmus helpful for mechanical engineering students?

Yes it can be helpful for mechanical and other people for core branches as many companies like National Instruments hire core branches people through E-litmus and also there are many IT companies also which allow every branch for further evaluation . So, you can give it a try.

Which are the companies hiring through CoCubes?

Companies hiring through Cocubes: 1 MarutiSuzuki 2 Mahindra 3 Bosch 4 Toshiba 5 Capgemini 6 Ericsson 7 Flipkart 8 Samsung

Should I apply for eLitmus or Amcat for electrical engineering?

If you want to go in the IT field then apply for elitmus/AMCAT. Otherwise its not much of a use for electrical engineers. Core companies like L, GE, Alstom, or PSUs don’t really consider these scores. Rather apply for GATE and clear it. You’ll get numerous options for companies.