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Can a person do MBA two times?

Can a person do MBA two times?

Yes, it can be. But you can select specific electives in your first MBA and choose one major subject as specialization (in the field you want to pursue post-MBA). Pursuing a second MBA for a career change is a great strategy and highly advantageous for career switchers.

Is Cat compulsory for MBA in India?

No, to be able to get admission to IIM-K, the candidate must have appeared for CAT. IIMs only accept CAT scores. IIMs do not accept scores of other entrance exams or provide direct admissions. Q.

Can I do MBA abroad after MBA in India?

Another way to get a double degree is by joining a program such as the Wharton Lauder MBA-MA dual degree. Strange as it may sound, there are a lot of folks from India applying to MBA degrees abroad, when they already have an MBA from India (Read Second MBA abroad from M7 school (Kellogg) after IIM).

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How to get admission in Tier 2 and Tier 3 MBA colleges?

Below given is a step wise process for admission into tier 2 and tier 3 MBA Colleges: Candidates need to apply for the given entrance examination after satisfying the eligibility condition. After conducting the entrance exam, the institute will declare the result and release their cut off.

Is a master’s from Tier 3 worth it?

But if you are serious about pursuing your MBA, it always advisable to aim high. No, Master’s from Tier 3 is never worth it. And if its not in the field of Computers don’t do Master’s from college other that Tier 1.

What are ordinary colleges in terms of MBA?

[By referring to ordinary colleges I would mean the Tier 2, Tier 3 colleges which are below the levels of IIMs, XLRI, Symbiosis etc. which are Tier 1 colleges.] It depends on what is your actual purpose of doing MBA. If you are doing MBA to get promotions, climb up the hierarchy]

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Is an IIT BTech or an IIM MBA enough?

An IIT BTech degree or an IIM MBA should be enough to get you through the rest of your professional life without any hassles. For a few who get their dream jobs right out of campus, that may be true. But a big chunk doesn’t feel that way.