Can I give RBI Grade B interview in Hindi Quora?

Can I give RBI Grade B interview in Hindi Quora?

Yes, if that was a local job in Bihar or UP, I suppose you could insist on Hindi but not otherwise as it would be anti-national. With the latest pattern change, the luck factor has increased in the RBI exam. Accept it and work accordingly. Many deserving candidates couldn’t clear this year.

Is RBI Grade B Good job Quora?

The work life of RBI Grade B officer is far better than other bank employees. They enjoy excellent salary package and it is very reputed government job and a dream job for many banking aspirants.

What are the questions asked in RBI Grade B interview?

Top Question asked in RBI Grade B Officer: Tell us something about yourself? What do you know about your native place? What are your hobbies?

Does RBI Grade B have sectional cut off?

Sectional Cut off for RBI Officer Grade B – Candidates need to qualify in each section of the Phase-I exam. Candidates who do not achieve the cutoff of any of the sections will not be considered qualified for the next phase.

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Are You a step away from becoming an RBI grade B officer?

You are but just a step away from becoming an RBI Grade B officer. RBI Grade B INTERVIEW Round is the next tough nut to crack.

What is the final stage of RBI grade B DSIM?

RBI Grade B DSIM final stage is an interview. Interview will be of 75 marks and you can opt for an interview either in Hindi or English. NOTE- Answers for RBI Grade B DSIM Paper 2 can be written either in Hindi or English while Paper 3 needs to be answered in English only.

How many phases are there in the Irbi grade B exam?

RBI Grade B officer exam is conducted in 3 Phases. I would be sharing my insights for each phase. Please note that I used internet extensively for my preparation so source of my preparation mentioned here are not exhaustive.

How should I prepare for RBI Management exam?

Though it is mentioned in the notification from RBI that only basic questions will be asked from Management but I would say prepare in detail as paper did not have direct questions. You can use any of the books referred by RBI in the notification if you are not comfortable with online reading.