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Can you be confident but have social anxiety?

Can you be confident but have social anxiety?

Here is the key to understanding this: people can have social anxiety about different things. Everyone is unique. For example, some people are very confident in job interviews and with regards to the performance at work, but are terrified at the thought of making small talk in the lunch room.

Can you be outgoing and still have social anxiety?

Being a “social” person with social anxiety might sound a bit like an oxymoron — akin to “jumbo shrimp” or “exact estimate.” But the truth is, having social anxiety and being a talkative person are not mutually exclusive.

Is Social Anxiety fake?

Social anxiety is a very normal stage that children go through, [along with] separation anxiety and stranger anxiety. These are actually very normal stages, and children who do not go through these stages, doctors do worry about those kids.

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What is social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety disorder is a chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. Social anxiety is more than just feeling shy. People with social anxiety have an intense fear of situations where they could be watched, judged, embarrassed, or rejected by others.

How do people with social anxiety react to other people?

Most people with social anxiety feel comfortable with a few specific individuals—such as a best friend, a parent, or a sibling. Interacting with other individuals can lead to a serious spike in anxiety. Often, taking a “safe” person to the grocery store or a social gathering makes interactions a lot less scary.

How do you know if you have social anxiety?

If you feel like other people are watching — and judging — your every move, you might have social anxiety. As an introvert, it’s common to hear things such as “come out of your shell,” “why are you so quiet,” “speak up more,” “just come out with us tonight.”

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How do people with social anxiety disorder imagine embarrassing themselves?

They imagine embarrassing themselves. Whether they’re about to meet a new person, or they’re walking into a social gathering, people with social anxiety disorder envision horribly embarrassing scenarios. They worry that they’ll say or do the wrong thing, and they picture that behavior horrifying other people.