Can you buy a katana in Japan and bring it back?

Can you buy a katana in Japan and bring it back?

You can bring up to three swords into the country if you are personally bringing them with you. In case you are bringing the sword into Japan via mail, it would be stored at the International Post Office.

Can I bring a Samurai sword from Japan to USA?

No. That is banned. Japan has notoriously strict rules even about merely owning swords. So you can’t for an example bring that Toledo manufactured Highlander Katana or that Cold Steel Warrior Katana to Japan.

Am I allowed to buy a samurai sword?

Anyone purchasing a sword must be at least 18 years of age. Samurai and other curved swords are legal, *AS LONG AS* they have been handmade using traditional production methods.

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Can you export a katana from Japan?

To legally export the sword from Japan to other countries, we will have to apply for its permit to the Agency for Cultural Affairs(Bunkacho) and return the original registration paper to the Board of Education. It normally takes around 2-4 weeks to receive this permit. There are a few exceptions in some countries.

How much does a real Samurai sword cost?

An authentic Samurai sword, hand made in Japan (called a Shinken 真剣), can easily cost US$12,000 to $25,000 and up. Chinese made production level approximations are typically at least $1,000-$2,500 for something reasonably ‘traditional’.

How do you bring a Japanese sword back to Japan?

Let the person know you intend to bring it back to your country. If it’s acceptable for the sword to leave Japan, they will issue you a special certificate giving permission. You need to present that document to the officials at the airport to get through customs.

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Where to buy antique samurai swords in Japan?

Samurai Museum located in Tokyo, Japan exhibits antique artifacts related to Samurai warriors such as Samurai armor, swords and other equipment. Since we opened in 2015, we have been dealing with antique Japanese swords and have shipped over 300 antique Japanese swords overseas from our museum shop.

Is it legal to own a Japanese sword in Japan?

We will make an inquiry to Japan Post. Each Japanese sword is registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Board of Education in Japan. They issue a registration paper for each Japanese sword for its owner in Japan to legally possess it. The Japanese sword with its registration paper means it was traditionally hand-forged in Japan.

How do I get a sword?

First, go to a sword shop and buy a sword. Or if you want to get fancy, have one custom made for you. There are plenty of places you can find online to buy a sword. Certain swords of historical value aren’t allowed to be taken out of the country but many are. When you buy the sword make sure to ask about that.