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Can you go the same speed as the car in front of you?

Can you go the same speed as the car in front of you?

In both classical and relativistic mechanics if your velocities are the same then the distance between you is a constant (ignoring gravity etc changing). But the velocities could be different but the speed the same and then one can make the distance between you vary!

When traveling in a car and turning to the right which way does your body go and why?

Your body goes right, too, though it is trying to resist and feels like its going another way. As long as you remain belted into the car, you are going wherever the car goes. As long as the tires have traction the car can turn. The whole car is resisting, too, as it tends to want to remain going in one direction.

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What if you ran at the speed of light?

The person traveling at the speed of light would experience a slowing of time. For that person, time would move slower than for someone who is not moving. Also, their field of vision would change drastically. The world would appear through a tunnel-shaped window in front of the aircraft in which they are traveling.

When moving at the same speed which vehicle would less?

When two vehicles moving at the same rate of speed are involved in a collision, the vehicle that weighs less will take the greater impact; the larger and heavier the vehicle, the greater the energy and momentum.

What happens when a car slows down and velocity changes?

Acceleration—Changes in Velocity When a car slows down, its velocity decreases. If the car turns, its velocity changes because its direction changes. When the car’s velocity changes, the car is accelerating. Acceleration is a measure of the change in velocity during a period of time.

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How many miles can you go over the speed limit in Florida?

Driving over 100 mph is a felony in Florida. If you go above 50 mph above the speed limit, that is already considered a felony. At 30 or more miles per hour over the posted limit, the act of speeding becomes criminal. Going 30 to 49 mph over the posted limit is a misdemeanor.

Is it bad to drive fast in reverse?

“We don’t recommend going fast in reverse,” said Jim Lanzon, Executive Director of Transmission Engineering at General Motors. “We put a lot of attention, in terms of design and analysis, toward the reverse gear – as much importance on that gear as the forward drive gears.

Why do cars pass each other at the same speed?

Since both cars are driving at the same speed, then they should pass the same distance at a given time. Regardless the direction of the cars, the lines that represents the distances are equal.

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Can a car moving at 120 km/h overtake another car?

A car moving at 120km/h will not overtake any object also moving at 120km/h. Be it another car (weaker or stronger), a hawk or a stone. In as much as they’re moving at the same speed.

What is the speed of a motorbike?

Speed is Constant! Be it Motorbike or V12 engine or a conventional 4cylinder engine, 120km/h is the same, they CAN’T pass each other. Some speed clocks reads in Miles, while others are kilometres. So some people mistake Miles for Km.