Could a Darth Vader and Thanos fight in the Marvel and Star Wars?

Could a Darth Vader and Thanos fight in the Marvel and Star Wars?

The Marvel Comics and Star Wars universes don’t necessarily blend together, but that doesn’t stop fans from imagining a Darth Vader and Thanos fight. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Darth Vader helped the Sith dominate. In the galaxy of Earth-616, Thanos rules with immense power and, on occasion, a gauntlet of Infinity Stones.

Should Vader bring Palpatine to Thanos?

Should Vader bring Palpatine, Thanos is in trouble. He won’t be killed. Instead, Palpatine would draw him into the Sith as one of his lieutenants. Thanos is a planner. He thinks several steps ahead to get what he wants.

Why can’t Thanos kill Luke Skywalker?

Vader isn’t so cold as to sacrifice a child for the larger cause. Somewhere inside that machinery is a heart, which is the reason he couldn’t kill Luke. This compassion is one thing Thanos could take advantage of in a fight. Before he became Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker was an adept 10-year-old pilot.

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What happens if Thanos regains control of the Infinity Stones?

Of course, if Thanos happens to regain control of the Infinity Stones, the situation changes. All of those gems in one place make him omnipotent. Plus, Thanos can eliminate half the galaxy’s population with a snap of his fingers. RELATED: 5 Reasons Why Crisis On Infinite Earths Is The Best Superhero Crossover Ever (and 5 It’s Infinity Gauntlet)

How did Star-Lord defeat Thanos?

During the events of Guardian of the Galaxy 2008 #25, Star-Lord with a little assistance from the Cosmic Cube managed to defeat Thanos and put the Mad Titan in a comatose state for quite some time.

Did Thanos kill his mother?

And as we know, Thanos grew up and became nihilistic destroyer who wishes to win over Death’s affection. Thanos’s evil nature is undeniable. He did kill his mother out of cold blood, and then in later years he commanded his own space-pirate armada who killed everything in their path.

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