Could Vegeta have killed Broly?

Could Vegeta have killed Broly?

7 Can’t Defeat: Vegeta He is strong enough to take on Goku in a fight, although the latter appears to be slightly stronger than him. Unfortunately, Vegeta’s level is defined below that of Broly and no matter how strong he is right now, he will end up getting crushed.

Why did Goku and Vegeta fight Broly?

Vegeta wants to get stronger so he can protect his family, especially with Frieza still out there thanks to a deal Goku made with the tyrant during the Tournament of Power arc. During their battle with Broly, Vegeta and Goku resort to fusing together to become Gogeta.

Who tried killing Broly?

Broly and Frieza then battle each other, However, Broly goes after Android 18 again and attacks her, forcing her to hide from him, Frieza catches up and 18 tricks Broly into fighting Frieza again. Frieza wins the fight and kills Broly, then Frieza continues pursuing Android 18 for the Dragon Balls.

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Is DBS Broly stronger than gogeta?

In DBS Broly it stated that Broly is stronger than Jiren and Gogeta bodied him and only survived just barely because of the Dragon Balls. Being a fusion, this form increases their power level tremendously, as seen in the movie, where they were easily able to fight Broly and overpower him.

How did metal cooler lose?

The Metal Coolers are destroyed by the 2nd Future Warrior, who heads into the portal they came through and arrives on New Namek, where he along with Future Trunks destroys them, ending with Future Trunks destroying the Big Gete Star and thus obliterating every Metal Cooler.

How did Broly die in Dragon Ball Super?

Broly as a baby is stabbed in the stomach and left to die along with a beaten up Paragus. As Frieza destroys planet Vegeta, dying baby Broly awakens his dormant powers and creates a force field in which both him and Paragus survive the blast. I read all the answers here and none of them reveal the real reason behind Broly’s defeat.

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Why was Broly exiled to Vampa?

Born on Planet Vegeta, Broly was exiled due to having too much power right from birth. He has spent most of his life on Planet Vampa and grew stronger there.

How did Goku defeat Broly in DBZ?

Goku defeated Broly in Dragon Ball Z Movie 8 (not in the anime) by receiving energy from Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta, and Piccolo and concentrating that power into a single punch to Broly’s abdomen. The punch ruptured Broly’s skin, which by that point was so engorged with energy that it cause Broly to explode.

Can Whis defeat Broly in a fight?

Whis demonstrated his ability by fighting and defeating both Goku and Vegeta in the past. His use of Ultra Instinct is just one of his strongest abilities. For him, defeating Broly in a fight shouldn’t be much trouble at all. Krillin is a human from Earth and one of the characters who fight to protect the planet from all incoming threat.