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Did Juggernaut care about Russell?

Did Juggernaut care about Russell?

Aside from helping him to escape, the Juggernaut, who is possibly the strongest character in the film, has no real reason or connection that would prompt him to help Russel get his revenge. It’s possible that he sympathized with Russell’s desire for revenge, due to his own vendetta against Charles.

Why does Juggernaut help Russell?

Juggernaut needs, or at least wants someone who thinks he’s special. Someone who will think the best of him, and not make him feel alone or excluded. This is exactly what Russell’s does for him. He talks him up, makes him feel special about himself, and gives him a kind of security in their partnership.

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Is Juggernaut a bad guy in Deadpool 2?

Ryan Reynolds has a second role in Deadpool 2 as the voice of Juggernaut, and here’s why he played the giant X-Men villain in the sequel.

Which mutant is Russell in Deadpool 2?

Portrayed by “What happened?” Firefist (born Russell Collins) is a mutant with the ability to generate and control fire. While using his powers, he instinctively generated a super-thin, invisible psionic energy field around himself that protected him from heat and flame.

Is there going to be a Deadpool 3?

Deadpool 3 is not only happening, but it’s happening within official MCU continuity. Yep, that’s right. The foul-mouthed, fourth-wall-breaking, frequently blood-caked mutate is going to be exploding F-bombs right inside the formerly family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Does Deadpool save Russell?

Deadpool Sacrifices His Life to Save Russell After a massive battle ends with Russell running off with Juggernaut (surprise!) and Deadpool having to regrow his legs (gross), Cable shows up at Blind Al’s apartment, ready to make a truce.

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What happened to the Juggernaut in Deadpool 2?

Wisely, Deadpool 2 avoided any of this magical nonsense and simply let the Juggernaut wreak havoc in the city after busting out of the prison train.

How old is Russell in Deadpool 2?

Trivia Russell shares his name and abilities with Marvel Comics character Russell “Rusty” Collins. According to Deadpool, Russel is 14 years old in Deadpool 2. Both Russell and Mystique had men travel from the future to try and stop them from making their first kill.

What happens in the Essex House in Deadpool?

Intent on revenge, Russell, and Juggernaut head to the Essex House to kill the headmaster. Cable teams up with Deadpool and Domino to stop them, noting that this would be Russell’s first kill which would set him on the path to the future that Cable is trying to avert.

What happened to Deadpool’s cancer in Deadpool?

Unfortunately, Deadpool’s collar stops his healing power, meaning his cancer returns. Deadpool is sure he is going to die in prison and not be useful in protecting Russell so he tries to make him see how his plan is not going to work. The Ice Box is attacked by Cable, a time-traveling mutant intent on killing Russell.