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Did tangled make a profit?

Did tangled make a profit?

1. Tangled — $591 million in revenue on a $260 million production budget equals $331 million in profit. 2. Toy Story 3 — $1.06 billion in revenue on a $200 million production budget equals a $806 million profit.

How did Tangled cost so much?

260 million USD
Tangled, which was a retelling of the tale of Rapunzel, had a budget of $260 million. The high cost of the film is thought to be because it’s a combination of hand-drawn animation and flashy computer animation.

How well did tangled do in box office?

The film earned $592 million in worldwide box office revenue, $200 million of which was earned in the United States and Canada, making it the eighth highest-grossing film of 2010, and was praised by critics for its animation, writing, characters, and musical score.

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Was the movie Tangled A successful?

While Frozen snowballed into an epic success, Tangled never quite got the love it deserved. Sure, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider got some space at Disneyland, but overall the film never swelled to reach the booming popularity Frozen achieved with its feature-length sequel, holiday shorts, and a Broadway musical.

Is Tangled successful?

Released last November, “Tangled” has made more than half a billion dollars in global revenue and already ranks as the second highest-grossing film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, behind the blockbuster “The Lion King.”

Was tangled a success?

Is Tangled The most expensive movie?

“Tangled” (2010) — $260 million Disney’s 2010 animated movie is the most expensive 3D animated movie ever made.

What is the resolution of the story Tangled?

Resolution: Rapunzel is reunited with her parents and Eugene is pardoned for his crimes. They eventually marry each other.

Which is better Tangled or frozen?

Frozen has a lot going for it with compelling characters, a beautiful setting, and a lot of dramatic moments, but, as far as plot, Tangled executes the story better. Frozen has a lot of great story moments, but there are some moments that lag and it fumbles a bit at times.

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What was the budget for Coco?

With a cost of $175–225 million, Coco is the first film with a nine-figure budget to feature an all-Latino principal cast….Coco (2017 film)

Budget $175–225 million
Box office $807.8 million