Do we get extra questions in Bitsat?

Do we get extra questions in Bitsat?

A candidate can attempt 12 extra questions if they have answered all the 150 questions (without skipping any question) within the prescribed time limit. These extra questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology only; four questions from each part.

How many bonus questions are there in Bitsat?

Bonus questions are unlocked after you complete answering the main section (150 questions). Once you choose to answer the bonus section, you cannot go back to the main section. There are 12 questions in bonus section containing 3 marks each.

Do we get extra time for bonus questions in Bitsat?

You are not given any extra time to attempt these questions. You must answer all the 150 questions (without skipping any of them) in the main section to be eligible to attempt the 12 extra questions.

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Does bonus questions have negative marking in Bitsat?

Will I get extra marks for attempting 12 extra questions in BITSAT? Yes. The candidates will get extra marks if they mark correct answers for extra 12 questions. There is negative marking in the BITSAT exam.

What are bonus questions?

(ˈbəʊnəs ˈkwɛstʃən) a question in a quiz which earns a contestant extra points.

How can I score full marks in BITSAT?

BITSAT 2021 Preparation Tips

  1. Make study plan. Applicants must prepare a study plan to complete the syllabus on time.
  2. Do not study anything new in the last few days.
  3. Practice BITSAT previous year question papers.
  4. Attempt online mock test.
  5. Stay calm and focussed.
  6. Refer to BITSAT 2021 best books.

How many questions are there in Part 3 of BITSAT?

Part III – English Proficiency (15 questions) and Logical Reasoning (10 questions) 3 marks will be given for every correct answer. 1 mark will be deducted for incorrect responses and no marks will be given for unattempted questions. BITSAT 2021 exam is an online or computer based test.

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What is the exam pattern of BITSAT 2020?

As per the exam pattern of BITSAT 2020, the examination will be of 3 hours and the candidates will have to answer multiple choice questions. BITSAT 2020 exam pattern will help boost the preparation of the candidates for the upcoming examination.

Is it compulsory to attempt the bonus questions?

If you have attempted all questions, the screen will read that it is not compulsory to attempt the bonus questions and you can go back and change your answers or do you want to proceed to the bonus questions. Once you proceed to bonus questions you cannot go back to the prior set of 150 questions.

Where can I download the BITSAT brochure?

You can download the brochure from BITS site itself the link to which is http://www.bitsadmission.com/bitsat/BITSAt_2017_Brochure.pdf . Originally Answered: How are the questions in the bonus section of BITSAT?