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Does Alfred have powers?

Does Alfred have powers?

3 He’s Had Superpowers In The Past Although Alfred is one of the few members of the Bat Family without a superhero alter-ego, he did gain superpowers at one point during the Silver Age… and he used them for evil!

Is Alfred immortal?

Is Alfred Pennyworth canonically immortal? – Quora. No. His age is pretty vague and he does appear to be very elderly in many versions of the Batman story, however his longevity can mostly be explained by the multiple “reboots” of the DC universe.

Is Alfred powerful?

Alfred is a an old butler, but he knows how to fight because of his training in the British army. He knocked out a undead person during “Batman: Eternal”. He is brave enough to punch Deathstroke in the face. He also has a shotgun and has no problem killing anyone who breaks into Wayne Manor or the Batcave.

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Is Alfred canonically dead?

Death. Alfred is killed by Bane After a months-long campaign against Batman orchestrated by Bane and an alternate-reality version of Thomas Wayne, Bane had gained control of Gotham City and turned it into a city of Bane.

Does Alfred have PTSD?

Not much is known about Alfred before his employment by the Wayne family. However, he was a member of the British Army and served at least two tours of duty before his employment. According to Alfred, he developed a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after his first, but this would fade some time afterwards.

Is Alfred Pennyworth evil?

Unfortunately, the revival goes terribly wrong, and the radiation blasts that are meant to save Alfred end up transforming him into the villain The Outsider. This mutation ultimately leads to this evil version of Alfred trying to kill Batman and Robin, bringing us back to where the comic left off.

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Who is Alfred crane Pennyworth?

Alfred Crane Pennyworth is the butler, mentor, surrogate father, and close friend of Bruce Wayne. Alfred has served the Wayne family since before Bruce was born.

What happened to Alfred Pennyworth?

While Alfred died heroically saving Batman and Robin from a giant boulder, Alfred was revived by a mad scientist named Brandon Crawford, and he was resurrected as the villainous Outsider in Detective Comics #366, by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff. RELATED: When Did We First Learn That Alfred Pennyworth Was a Spy in the War?

What is the role of Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman?

Alfred Pennyworth. He serves as Bruce’s moral anchor while providing comic relief with his sarcastic and cynical attitude which often adds humor to dialogue with Batman. A vital part of the Batman mythos, Alfred was nominated for the Wizard Fan Award for Favorite Supporting Male Character in 1994.

Is Gully Pennyworth’s first metahuman?

Yes, that’s right, Gully unexpectedly evolved into the Pennyworth universe’s first-known metahuman!