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Does computer science need college algebra?

Does computer science need college algebra?

Calculus Prerequisites Students who are interested in studying computer science in college typically pursue a Bachelor of Science. Algebra 1, algebra 2, trigonometry and pre-calculus are all prerequisites for calculus 1.

Can math majors work in computer science?

Among graduates with degrees in physics, math, statistics, or electrical engineering, as many as 20 percent now work in computing-based fields. Math majors are in demand at Microsoft too.

Can you major in computer science with no coding experience?

Programming Experience Not Required Programming experience is NOT required for an undergraduate major in computer science. Computer science is really about using computers and computation as tools to solve problems and to build tools for others to use. Programming is just one part of the discipline.

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How is college algebra used in computer science?

College Algebra Algebra is used in computer science in the development of algorithms and software for working with mathematical objects. It is also used to design formulas that are used in numerical programs and for complete scientific computations.

Should I major in math or computer science?

Honestly, if you can work hard and tough your way through it I would highly suggest that you major in Computer Science. I’m kicking myself for not majoring in Computer Science and I have the same issue as you (not a math guy). But if you ask a lot of people the math truly isn’t the most important aspect.

Why is calculus required for a computer science degree?

Because, a Computer Science degree is not just starting and ending with Calculus for the math requirement. You’ll have to be proficient in College Algebra and Trigonometry before you’re admitted into Calculus because the skills build on one another. In addition to those classes some programs require Discrete Math.

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Should I major in computer science or network engineering?

I know I will more than likely not use math in the career I want to pursue (Network Engineering) but I want the C.S degree because it is more valuable to employers. Honestly, if you can work hard and tough your way through it I would highly suggest that you major in Computer Science.

Is a computer science engineering degree worth it?

That’s not to say a CS degree wouldn’t be nice to have, but if you’re certain you’re going to bomb out on the math portion, then you’re just going to waste your time and money before switching majors. Math is more of a factor in Computer Science Engineering, but like others have said it depends on the college.