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Does Jimin have insecurities?

Does Jimin have insecurities?

Well I know Jimin insecurity is himself. He always doubts himself about his weight and appearance. He also feels as though he is not good enough like the rest of the members which is not true but this is what he thinks. Personally I think that the reason for some of his insecurities is haters or toxic armies.

What is wrong with Jimin’s health?

As part of their Wings Tour, BTS was performing in Macau in late 2017. Ahead of the performance, BTS announced that Jimin would not be able to participate due to his health issue. They also issued a statement revealing that he was experiencing cramps in his neck and shoulder and apologised to fans for his absence.

What does Jimin struggle with?

BTS’ Jimin touches on struggles with ’emptiness, instability’ amid skyrocketing success. BTS’ Jimin recently weighed in on his feelings of isolation, self-worth and emptiness.

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What is wrong with Jimin’s pupil?

Jimin shared that he has a scar on his right eyelid. Sometimes it causes his right eye to swell, although it’s not really noticeable. According to Koreaboo, “The scar comes from a childhood accident when he smashed into a toilet as a young boy. Jimin ended up with an open wound that needed 8 sutures to close up.

Is Yoongi insecure?

Namjoon had tried fitting in both images,and was hated when he tried. Overal,Joon doesn’t deserve to feel this way,he doesn’t deserve to feel insecure about his face,let alone hated for it,he doesn’t deserve to feel insecure about the songs he writes,so he could be respected.

Does Jimin eat?

While he eats everything, he does like his seafood quite a bit. V too once mentioned that he likes crab and miso soup, but Jimin on the other hand doesn’t seem to be a big fan of seafood. Of course, they love Kimchi. This was quite obvious since the boys are Korean and they are known to love their Kimchi.

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What is Jimin backstory?

Jimin was born on October 13, 1995 in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea. His immediate family includes mother, father, and a younger brother. Prior to becoming a trainee, Jimin studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts and was a top student in the modern dance department.

Is Namjoon insecure?

Since the debut,Namjoon appeared to be insecure about his face,we all know the hate he received and still does to this day,being considered ugly. Namjoon doesn’t deserve to feel like this,he is a beautiful,and intelligent person,and this hate shouldn’t be bothering him.