Does Lenskart still give first frame free?

Does Lenskart still give first frame free?

In fact, on purchase of the desired set of eyeglass frames from Lenskart, you can get the first pair absolutely free of cost. You can also try them on your face before making the purchase. You can get attractive offers on eyeglasses frames while purchasing online through Lenskart.

Is first frame free on Lenskart Quora?

In essence, you’re not getting the frame for free at all, the cost of the frame is included in the lenses that you purchase with the frame. Lenskart sells excellent contact lenses, but if you’re in the market for glasses- you should avoid them at all costs.

How does Lenskart buy one get one free work?

The Buy 1 Get 1 offer can be availed in a combination of Eyeglasses+Sunglasses or Eyeglasses+Eyeglasses or Sunglasses+Sunglasses. Both the items need to be added in the Lenskart cart to avail the BOGO offer. Lenskart Gold membership can be used 3 times in a month and 12 times a year only.

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How can I get free spectacles?

7 Companies that Give Away Free Eyeglasses

  1. Firmoo. This company always make their “free eyeglasses” promo available from time to time, but the frame choices are limited (you can only choose from the promo page).
  2. Glasses Shop.
  3. Swift Eyewear.
  4. Glasses USA.
  5. CoolWinks.com.
  6. Finest Glasses.
  7. Nationwide Vision.

How can I get free lens in Lenskart?

You simply have to visit https://www.lenskart.com/aqualens-contact-lens-free/home and fill in the particulars. At first, one has to enter his/her mobile number, after which an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to that number.

Is eye test free in Lenskart?

We recommend getting a free eye test at any Lenskart store. Book an appointment now to get your eyes properly tested with a certified optician or optometrist. You’ll be able to keep your prescription in the Lenskart app.

Is Lenskart Gold membership free?

3. If a user buys anything from Lenskart during this period he/she will be entitled to get their gold membership extended for another 9 months for free of cost. 4. Membership benefits are valid on Vincent Chase and John Jacobs; not valid on brands like Ray-Ban Oakley Carrera etc.

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Does Lenskart give you a free frame if you buy lenses?

Basically lenskart only gives you a free frame and not lens* .However,it is still a good deal and furhermore you can still apply any coupons if you have .I used one I availed through Hike messenger. Process of ordering is guided on the site.Hope this helps.

What are the different types of lenses available in Lenskart?

Lenskart BLU lenses Trending Tinted Eyeglasses Computer Eyeglasses Frame Type Rectangle Frames Wayfarer Frames Round Frames Aviator Frames Cat-Eye Frames Rimless Frames Half Rim frames Collection Air Flex Collection Classic Acetate Collection Air Signia Collection Sleek Steel Collection Air Silicon Collection Blend Edit Collection

What is first frame free?

What is First frame free:- Basically it’s not only first frame free. It is a category of frames. You can select frame anytime from this category. Your frame will be free. You need to pay for the lenses.

Is Lenskart’s blue cut lenses good or bad?

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In short, Lenskart is just fooling customers in the name of “BLUE-CUT” lenses. The lenses are very poor in quality as well as features. The lenses they use are unbranded one and are cheap as these costs around 500–700Rs (for powers upto 6) in offline market. But still Lenskart charges very high according to the frame you select.