Does South Korea like Indian food?

Does South Korea like Indian food?

South Korea is a stunning country with a very rich history and lots of yummy traditional food. Even though Korean food is delicious, everyone sometimes craves for some good, authentic Indian food.

Is Indian food famous in South Korea?

Hard to believe but, there are a lot of Indian restaurants in Korea which serve authentic and scrumptious Indian delicacies! So, if you love the taste of traditional Indian food then you ought to check out this list Indian restaurants in North Korea and South Korea!

Is it okay to show your shoulders in Korea?

In Korea, for whatever reason, showing your shoulders is not a thing. Like, don’t try it. It’s a cultural taboo that you can get away with in big cities like Seoul, Busan and, to some extent, Daejeon, without getting too many sideways glances.

Is it rude to eat with your hands in Korea?

Pass with both hands, pour for others When passing bowls, glasses, or dishes, always use both hands to show respect. For Koreans, it’s also considered rude to refill your drink, especially for alcohol.

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Is English common in South Korea?

English is not very widely spoken in South Korea overall, although you will have better luck in the capital Seoul, where there will be more English speakers in the main tourist areas. That said, just like Japan, visitors there report that the language barrier and the lack of English will not stop you getting around.

What do Koreans think about eating rice with bare hands?

Koreans generally don’t like to touch their food especially rice, so eating rice with bare hands will definitely turn heads. Truth be told however, many Koreans will definitely think it’s unsanitary, although they are ok with eating bread with hand.Incidentally, I love Indian food, but here in the U.S.,

What do Koreans like to eat?

Koreans love Indian food. Especially Naan and Chicken Curry. However, they find Indian food quite expensive compared to local cuisine. To my surprise, there are many Indian restaurants in Seoul. Koreans take extra care when it comes to hygiene. I observed people brush their teeth just after lunch.

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What is it like being an Indian in South Korea?

As an Indian in South Korea you can feel that people don’t like you much in general except if you have some personal connection. But, even with all this they never treat Indians or any one badly, as i said they are well mannered and civilized.

How are Indians treated in South Korea?

Overall, I would say Indians are treated like any ther foreigner in South Korea. Koreans really put effort into making a person feel welcomed in their country, which is something I really admire. Apart from everything else, Korean friends are someone who’ll stick by you and will always check on you no matter how distant you are.