How can I do friendship with study?

How can I do friendship with study?

Select group members. The ideal study group should have around 3-4 members, but no more than 5. Take some time to work out whom you would like to include. Think about your friends’ personalities. (For example, your distracting, rebellious friend who hates homework might not be the best candidate.)

Is it good to compete with your friends?

“Competition between friends can be healthy because you both already have a foundation of respect for each other,” Dr. Birnbaum says. “With that respect, you’ll likely give your best and challenge each other in ways you wouldn’t normally do to another person.

How do you deal with a competitive best friend?

Here are some tips for dealing with a competitive friend.

  1. Establish Boundaries. If you want to keep your friendship healthy, start by refusing to play the competitiveness game.
  2. Give Praise Where Praise is Due.
  3. Honesty is the best policy.
  4. Diversify your friendship circle.
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How do you combine study?

Combining work and study at university

  1. Plan Ahead. Try to plan ahead if you know a busy time is coming up on your course or where you work.
  2. Keep Organised.
  3. Communicate with your employer.
  4. Structure.
  5. Be Realistic.
  6. Prioritise Exams/Revision.
  7. Speak To Your Course Tutor.
  8. Make Time For Relaxation.

How can I be competitive in good way?

7 Ways To Be More Competitive At Work

  1. Compete Against Yourself.
  2. Remember: It’s Not About Winning, It’s About Doing Your Best.
  3. Use It To Help You Take Risks.
  4. Use It To Get More Connections.
  5. See How You’re Different From Your Competition.
  6. Use Your Competitive Streak As A Chance To Learn.
  7. Use It As A Chance To Collab.

Why do I compete with my friend?

When a friend is overly competitive, it often comes from a place of fear or insecurity. Not only can being genuinely supportive bring down the intensity of the competition, understanding that their behavior probably stems from insecurity can help you feel compassionate and connected instead of frustrated or distant.

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How can I have fun while studying?

10 Ways to Have Fun While You Study

  1. Listen to good music.
  2. Turn it into a game for yourself.
  3. Turn it into a game with others.
  4. Use nice stationery.
  5. Try roleplay.
  6. Study somewhere different.
  7. Challenge yourself.
  8. Write comics, short stories or songs.

How can I Make my Friend study with Me?

You can also solve thousands of questions together and tally your scores on embibe. Set realistic goals like waking up on time and meeting at x o clock to study. Set a timetable too! Make sure it’s not too hard, as a friend you will know the weakness of your friend, so based on it, set realistic goals.

What happens when you compete with your best friend?

You may end up doubting yourself or feeling that you don’t measure up to your friend’s talent, wealth or lifestyle. A small amount of competition can be empowering. Handled properly, low levels of rivalry can spur you on to do your absolute best.

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Why should you join a study group with friends?

Your friends are depending on you to be at regularly scheduled meetings. This will increase your motivation for studying and curb procrastination. Besides, your friend group will be able to remind each other about study times and due dates. #2. Increases learning & retention

How do I tell my friend that her competitive nature is bad?

Ultimately, you’re going to have to tell your friend that her competitive nature is damaging your relationship. You’re going to have to find a way to explain, gently, that your friendship would be so much more valuable if you could both be happy with each other’s accomplishments.