How did Loki get out of the cage?

How did Loki get out of the cage?

He used his tricks to make it look like he was escaping then Thor opened the cage door to get in and stop Loki when Thor opened the door Loki went out and Thor got stuck. Loki’s henchmen let him out.

Why didnt Loki use the Tesseract to escape?

Why didn’t Loki use the Space Stone against Thanos? The answer is that the Tesseract is an object that Loki had to build a machine around just to open a portal to Chitauri space, and that required an Asgardian-designed device to enable Thor and Loki to travel easily using it.

What did Loki stab Coulson with?

As Coulson talks, he is suddenly stabbed in the back from behind. Loki used his magic to sneak behind Coulson unseen, using an illusion to keep him distracted. As Coulson lies bleeding on the floor, Loki gloats, only for Coulson to suddenly blast him through the bulkhead with the particle gun.

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What happened to Loki as he was being transported on the Quinjet?

However, while transporting Loki back to the carrier, the quinjet was intercepted by Thor, who managed to force his way inside and took Loki. The brainwashed Hawkeye and a team of mercenaries used a Quinjet to attack the Helicarrier and free Loki. The attack was a success and Loki was able to escape in the Quinjet.

How did Thanos teleport Loki to Earth?

The scepter contained another Infinity Stone that had the ability to control the minds of others, and would aid Loki greatly in his mission. Then, through manipulation of cosmic energy, Thanos teleported Loki to Earth. “Coulson, get back to base.

How did Loki get the scepter?

Over the course of the following year, Loki planned out his invasion, controlling scientist Erik Selvig from afar and using him as a vessel to study Earth and the threat its inhabitants may pose. In the year 2012, Loki was finally ready to begin his invasion, and was given a Scepter by Thanos.

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Why did Loki tap Tony on the chest with his staff?

My theory is that it had something to do with the Arc Reactor, given the ‘clink’ sound it made when Loki tapped Tony on the chest. The staff needs to make contact with skin (as vsz says, skin near the heart) to affect the person. Tony’s skin wasn’t touched, it hit the reactor instead.

Why doesn’t Loki’s staff work on Tony Stark?

The reason Loki’s staff will not work on Tony has nothing to do with the ARC reactor technology per say, and everything to do with the core element of the 4th generation reactor, Vibranium. One of the main abilities of the fictional element is absorbtion of energy directed at it.