How do I get ahead in my 20s?

How do I get ahead in my 20s?

Find out what you should start (and stop) doing in your 20s to lay the foundation for lifelong success.

  1. Start writing down your goals.
  2. Start letting go of your ego.
  3. Start reading a lot.
  4. Stop trying to live someone else’s life.
  5. Stop feeling bad about the past.
  6. Start showing loved ones you care.
  7. Start taking care of your health.

Should I set my novel in the past?

A story needs to occur somewhere in time as well. Both location and time setting are key elements in fiction writing. They should contribute to the story’s atmospheric mood. However, if your fictional story is set in the past without a substantive reason, you may want to give further thought to its time setting.

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What is it like to be in your 20s?

Your 20s are an interesting decade, to say the absolute least. You feel perpetually stuck between being a naïve, carefree kid and an adult with endless responsibilities. Basically, it’s a weird time, which might, just might be made better (or at least a touch more manageable) by one of these 20 books.

How old was Nicole Booz when she first published gentwenty?

When we first published this post, I (Nicole Booz, Editor-in-Chief here at GenTwenty ), was 23. Fresh out of college, and really still fresh in my 20s. Now, I’m over the cusp of 30 and have learned more than I ever could have imagined in my twenties. This list was originally 10 books to read in your twenties. We published it in June of 2013.

Why is the observer celebrating the first novels of the year?

The Observer’s pick of this year’s first novels will be published in a country whose bookshops are closed, and whose literary festivals have been postponed or made virtual. It therefore feels particularly important to celebrate these books, to make sure that they receive the profile and plaudits they deserve.

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What does the new review look for in first novels?

This is the eighth year in which the New Review team has read through dozens of first novels, looking for books that leap out from the crowd, writers who speak with powerful, fresh voices. Our record is pretty good. Last year we were the first to champion Douglas Stuart’s Shuggie Bain, which went on to win a host of prizes, including the Booker.