How do I get out of spaces in Quora?

How do I get out of spaces in Quora?

Go to Settings, scroll down to the very bottom, and click on the button that says Delete [name of space].

Can we earn from Quora space?

You can earn money from your spaces if you are invited to enroll your space in this program. Quora has started sharing revenues on its Spaces. A number of admins have already enrolled their space/s in this program. Every writer on Quora has been given the opportunity to create his or her Spaces.

Who can delete confluence space?

Only someone with space admin permissions can delete that space. Deleting a space is permanent – it does not go to the trash and cannot be undone. If you’re unsure about deleting a space, create an XML export of the space as a backup before proceeding.

What is slug in Contentful?

A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy-to-read way. In other words, it’s the part of the URL that explains the page’s content. Now your URL is reader-friendly and contains all the SEO keywords you wanted to include as well.

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How do I Unfollow A space on Quora?

To unfollow a Space, click on Following (red circle in screenshot below). That will change your status from Follower to a person who is not Following. You are no longer connected with that Space. You have in effect “deleted yourself” from it. How do you unfollow topics on Quora collectively?

How do I uninvite or block someone from my Space?

Click the “…” next to the person’s name, then select “Uninvite”. If the person has already accepted the invitation, you can remove them from your Space by clicking the “…” next to the user you’d like to remove, and then selecting “Block”.

How do I make a user a contributor to a space?

Approving a request will automatically make the requester a contributor, and these actions will be recorded in the admin log. Space owners and admins can also disable the ability for users to request being contributors in the Space ‘Settings’ page (under “Invitations and Requests”) at any time.

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How do I delete or follow a topic on Quora?

Click on the link to the topics you are following, click again on the topic you want to delete, and then click on Unfollow below and to the right of the topic heading. To delete topics that are showing up in your feed that are driving you crazy, click on the question.