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How do you become an exceptional partner?

How do you become an exceptional partner?

Exceptional partners consider themselves a work in progress and make a habit of expressing their needs and desires in a direct yet respectful way. They insist on both treating their partner well while also being treated well in return.

What do you love about your partner?

120 Reasons Why I Love You:

  • I love the way you look at me.
  • You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world.
  • With you I can be myself.
  • I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.
  • When we’re together, all my problems disappear.
  • You make my heart smile.
  • You know me better than I know myself..
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What is an exceptional relationship?

What is an Exceptional Relationship? As two people join together, their shared life can become truly exceptional when there is also a marriage of security and adventure, individuality and intimacy, harmony and conflict, the cozy and the erotic, the powerful and the most vulnerable.

How do you evaluate your partner?

10 Questions to Assess the State of Your Relationship

  1. Do you argue?
  2. How do you make decisions?
  3. Do you know what your partner is most sensitive to?
  4. Do you talk about the future?
  5. Are you compatible as a couple regarding individual vs.
  6. Are you compatible about needs for affection and sex?
  7. Are you compatible about work?

What do you admire most about your partner?

These ideal attributes include:

  1. Maturity. This statement is not meant to echo the ever-advised mantra that maturity is important.
  2. Openness. The ideal partner is open, undefended and willing to be vulnerable.
  3. Honesty & Integrity.
  4. Respect & Independence.
  5. Empathy.
  6. Affection.
  7. Sense of Humor.
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How do you know if your partner is up to no good?

Someone with nothing to hide will be open and honest about their day. So if your partner is being vague or secretive, it could be a sign they are up to no good, according to Firstein. Perhaps you ask “what are you up to tonight?” and they respond with “I’m out.”. Cold, short responses like this are never a good sign.

How do you know if your partner is emotionally unavailable?

You’ve had a hard day, but you hesitate to tell your partner about it. You try to start a conversation but they don’t seem to have anything to say or to be listening. When you tell them how you’re feeling, they’re dismissive. These are all qualities that people use to describe an emotionally unavailable partner.

What makes an exceptional person exceptional?

Most exceptional people create a situation where friends and foe can infuse informed critic of their work. Allowing for that helps an exceptional individual birth a real magnum opus. Understanding the Degree of Difficulty: This all happens over the accumulation of time, not in a single moment of arrogance.

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Do you stumble into being exceptional?

In other words, you don’t stumble into being exceptional. Unlike being accomplished, which also takes hard work, being exceptional is three or four times more difficult to achieve because it means you are trying to separate yourself from just being accomplished to being transformative. Exceptional people, therefore, practice twice as hard.