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How do you promote on Product Hunt?

How do you promote on Product Hunt?

The Launch Day

  1. Publish your product on Product Hunt.
  2. Respond with high-quality comments.
  3. Shout out on social media that you’re on Product Hunt.
  4. Don’t ask for upvotes.
  5. Add a widget on your site to highlight your live launch on Product Hunt.
  6. Send an email newsletter to your community.

How do I get more Upvotes on Product Hunt?

An influencing hunter adds more visibility to your product. Besides having the possibility to list you on the Product Hunt first page, at the right hour, a good hunter is also an active community member, has lots of Twitter followers and that usually turns into more upvotes for you.

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How does Product Hunt really work?

How does Product Hunt work? Product Hunt is a social news site where community members post interesting products. Generally, products get submitted and upvoted (like Reddit and Hacker News), and the community has conversations about these products. It’s a place for product discovery.

What are Upvotes on Product Hunt?

When you visit ProductHunt.com, you’ll see today’s top products, what are they about and how many people have upvoted them. Every day, the products with the most upvotes by Product Hunt users will be the “Top Products of the Day”, and the next day people will submit & upvote new products.

How do you get points on Product Hunt?

You can earn points by actively contributing across Product Hunt. Contributing includes: posting products, creating discussions, and engaging in conversations. You’ll gain points when other community members upvote, cheer, or in any way appreciate your contribution.

What does K mean on Product Hunt?

Hey Gabriel, These are medals next to a user’s name and they show how many points they’ve received from the community for their contributions across Product Hunt.

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How do I get Upvotes foundation?

What is the Community Upvote?

  1. Create a profile on Foundation.
  2. Add a profile image, cover photo, and a short bio.
  3. Verify both your Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  4. Add a link to your website or portfolio to provide additional context for your work.
  5. Head to foundation. app/upvote to join.

How do I get Upvotes on my foundation?

What is Product Hunt ship?

Ship allows you to advertise your product BEFORE the launch, in order to acquire and engage with early-adopters through an upcoming landing page and a mailing-list. This is a powerful asset in your product development and market research toolbox.