How old was Michael Jackson when dangerous?

How old was Michael Jackson when dangerous?

At 33, and at the peak of his career, this would ultimately become one of the greatest, introspective albums of all time. For most artists, the autobiographical nature of their music starts with the first note on the first track, but for Dangerous, Jackson literally wore his heart on the album sleeve.

When was Michael Jackson’s Bad?

August 31, 1987
Thirty years ago today — on August 31, 1987 — his album “Bad” was released. “Bad” was Jackson’s first album in which he had a hand in writing nearly all of the songs — nine of the 11 tracks, to be exact — and he was listed as a co-producer for the entire project.

Why did Michael Jackson sing Bad?

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Jackson stated that the song was influenced by a real-life story he had read about, of a young man who tried to escape poverty by attending private school but ended up being killed when he returned home. “Bad” received positive reviews, with some critics noting that “Bad” helped give Jackson an edgier image.

Why You Wanna Trip on Me Michael Jackson meaning?

So therefore “Why You Wanna Trip On Me” as a song title and a lyric itself, would be Michael trying to get the fact across about why everyone is ignoring the fact about even worse problems in the globe, and focusing on him instead.

Did MJ win a Grammy for bad?

It was nominated for six Grammy Awards, winning Best Engineered Recording – Non Classical and Best Music Video (for “Leave Me Alone”).

Why did Prince turn down Michael Jackson?

“Prince was always competing with Michael. So I told Michael, ‘you sit there and Prince sits there, so it won’t look like we’re ganging up on him to do the record’. It was a beautiful meeting, a funny meeting, and [Prince] said ‘you don’t need me on this, it’s going to be a number one anyway’ – which it was.”

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Did Prince and Michael Jackson ever duet?

Prince instead submitted a song to Michael as an alternative duet, Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me, but MJ decided against it so Prince shared his song with Taja Sevelle. In the end, Prince’s absence from the record wasn’t a hardship for Michael, as many other major stars agreed to take part in the song in various ways.

Who wrote Why You Wanna Trip on Me?

Bernard Belle
Teddy Riley
Why You Wanna Trip on Me/Composers