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How slow can you bowl in cricket?

How slow can you bowl in cricket?

90–110 km/hr.
Slow bowlers have bowling action of a seam bowler, but bowl at a speed of 90–110 km/hr. They may use leg cutter and off cutter but mainly rely on variations and deception.

Which is the best bowling action to bowl fast?

Types of fast bowling action

  • Back foot lands pararrel to the crease.
  • Shoulders square on to the batsman as the back foot lands.
  • Head looking over the shoulder as the back foot lands.

Who bowls the best slower ball?

#1 Dwayne Bravo The wily bowler that he is, Bravo very cleverly mixes up his bowling speeds and his execution of the slower delivery is second to none.

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How do you slow down a one ball?


  1. Keep your fast bowling action as similar as possible to when you would bowl a normal delivery.
  2. Still try to bowl fast as the delivery will naturally come out slower due to how you grip and release the ball.
  3. Use it to disrupt a batsman’s rhythm and create uncertainty.

Is off cutter a slower ball?

In contemporary cricket, the off-cutter is primarily used as a slower ball in limited over cricket.

How do you bowl a slower ball?

So, the first way of bowling a slower ball is just to hold the ball in the normal seam bowling position and to roll the fingers at the time of release just like Dwayne Bravo does. Another way of bowling a slower ball is through the back of the hand with palm facing upwards at the time of release just like Faulkner does.

Why do fast bowlers bowl slower balls in cricket?

By bowling a slower ball every now and again, fast bowlers are able to disrupt the batsman’s timing. If a batsman is expecting an 85mph ball, but the bowler decides to sneak in a 65mph delivery, this could lead to the batsman playing his shot too early and mistiming it.

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How do you hold a cricket ball correctly?

Hold the ball in the correct grip, which can be seen in the photos below. This time we place the middle finger on top of the seam, with the index finger resting on the left side of the ball. Approach the crease as exactly as you usually would, with the same run up and delivery stride.

How to bowl a perfect game of cricket?

Let’s look at the lower body first. After the gather phase right arm bowlers should have their right foot on the floor and their left knee pulled up slightly towards their chest. Left arm bowlers should have their left foot planted, with their right knee pulled up towards their chest. From here, your leg movement is simple.