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Is 3 months enough to prepare for CAT?

Is 3 months enough to prepare for CAT?

For those who are in doubt whether they can crack CAT in 3 months or not, the answer is yes you can. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step study plan that will help you in preparing for CAT in this little but enough time that you have. Therefore, let us deep-dive into the study plan and get cracking!

How many months preparation is enough for CAT?

While many mentors suggest starting your preparation at least 8 Months before CAT, 5 Months is still sufficient time to get yourself into gear and ensure that you can attempt CAT 2021 to the best of your ability.

Is 3 months enough for CAT Quora?

Originally Answered: Is 3 months a sufficient time to prepare for the CAT? Yes, If you can religiously prepare for 4 hours a day.

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How can I start preparing for CAT?

CAT 2021 Preparation Through Self-Study

  1. Join online study groups on Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Telegram, etc.
  2. Download MBA entrance exam preparation apps.
  3. Buy best books for CAT preparation.
  4. Obtain online study material like CAT mock test series by MBA coaching institutes.
  5. Make a month-wise CAT preparation plan.

Can you crack CAT in 90 days?

Any reasonable aspirant requires about 400 hours of preparation in total to nail this exam. Considering the fact that there are 12 weeks to go, one needs about 33 hours a week, or on an average, 3-4 hours a day during weekdays and about 15+ hours during weekends put together.

Which stream is best for CAT?

CAT is an exam for doing master’s in business Administration. So, you should ideally choose commerce as your main stream consisting business/entrepreneurship, Accounting, economics and maths(optional).

Which are the best books for cat preparation?

Q: Which books are the best for CAT preparation? A: For CAT preparation, books by Arun Sharma, Sarvesh Varma, Nishit K Sinha, Wren & Martin and Word Power Made Easy are highly recommended. They are very helpful in building a strong base.

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How to prepare for cat 2021 exam?

Best books for CAT preparation are available online and offline. Candidates preparing for CAT 2021 must prepare for the exam from recommended CAT books only. The CAT exam preparation should also include comprehensive study plan, a workable timetable and CAT mock test series.

How to prepare for Cat in the third month?

How to Prepare for CAT in the Third Month 1 Fix the number of hours and try to study for at least six hours without any distraction. 2 Candidates should continue taking more mock tests in the final month of preparation. 3 By now, candidates should be confident about their abilities and strengths.

Where can I get Cat books and study material?

A: CAT books are available at book shops as well as at online stores such as Amazon, etc. Coaching institutes also provide CAT books and study material to registered candidates. Q: Is study material provided by coaching centres enough for CAT preparation?