Is Among Us going to shut down?

Is Among Us going to shut down?

Luckily, fans don’t have anything to worry about. The Among Us servers are safe, and they are not going to shut down. With no formal announcements from the Innersloth development team, the rumors of the Among Us servers shutting down are not true and won’t happen in the foreseeable future.

Is Among Us coming back?

The game is soon coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on December 14, 2021. A sequel, titled Among Us 2, was announced by Innersloth on August 18, 2020, and was scheduled to be available by 2021 but was canceled in September.

Will Among Us get boring?

Among Us is a game developed by InnerSloth, which has gone on to make its impact as a popular murder-mystery game more than two years after its release. In spite of its fun and intriguing gameplay experience, for some players, Among Us can turn out to be boring or monotonous at times.

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Is FNAF still alive?

So, to answer the question, no. Fnaf is not dead. No, it’s still pretty popular and relatively new. The fandom is still churning out new content, albeit at a slower speed after the initial rush of Sister Location and the new book.

Why is Among Us not working 2021?

Server problems – A lot of affected users have reported that the most common reason that errors occur is that there are issues with the server. Game server glitch – As it turns out, your inability to join an Among Us game is often related to an underlying game server issue.

Why is Among Us shutting down?

No, Among Us servers are not shutting down in 2021. The developers at Innersloth have made no such announcements, with the game still being supported in 2021. The devs state that they “are aware that the Among Us servers are currently overloaded and kicking players!”

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Do people still play among us?

The developers of Among Us canceled a sequel because the game has been so successful. Among Us — the popular viral video game about space crewmates and imposters — is still getting a heavy amount of users, setting all-time records for mobile games.

Why is among us down?

Because so many people are logging in to Among Us at the same time, the servers may kick players because it can’t handle the stress. People have reported that changing the server region can fix that. For example, someone in North America can change their server region to Europe or Asia before changing it back to America and being able to reconnect.

What happened to Among Us?

A Canceled Sequel and the Future of Among Us. Image Credit: InnerSloth. Given the popularity of the game despite its age, a sequel to Among Us was canceled. The goal is now to update the current game. The projects underway for Among Us 2 will now come to the original title. A major focus now is also cheating and server issues which InnerSloth attribute to the rising popularity of the game.

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Is among us down?

At the moment, servers for Among Us are down, leaving players unable to enjoy the popular multiplayer title. While this is disheartening for fans of the game, Among Us is undergoing a bit of planned maintenance, and developer InnerSloth has given an update on the downtime.