Is being blunt honest?

Is being blunt honest?

You can often be perceived as being blunt when really you’re just being direct. Being blunt is being honest, but often in a rude or even aggressive manner. Being direct on the other hand is being honest and genuine whilst maintaining a respectful and diplomatic way.

What’s the difference between being blunt and honest?

Being blunt is being honest, but often in a rude manner. Being direct is being honest and genuine while remaining diplomatic and respectful. They are both forms of honesty, but the difference is all in the tone and feel.

What does it mean when a person is blunt?

The definition of blunt is someone who speaks in a direct, often rude way or something with a dull edge or point. An example of blunt is a man telling his wife she looks fat in the dress she’s wearing. Blunt means to make something less effective or dull.

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How do you deal with bluntness?

Instead of thinking of what you’re saying as blunt, think about it as being honest. If the same thing can be said because you believe it is an honest thing to say, rather than a blunt thing to say, craft your words carefully and fire away.

What is brutally blunt?

a)Brutally blunt generally means you are loading your emotion and opinion of others into what you say to them. Blunt is judgmental and emotion-packed whereas honesty allows you to take ownership of your own view without dumping it on others.

Is blunt honesty necessary?

BLUNT honesty is necessary in certain situations. It all depends on the situation, the person and the reason. I can be bluntly honest about myself no problem. If someone asks me why I was late, or how my summer was etc- I have no problem throwing myself under the bus.

How do you use the word bluntly in a sentence?

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adverb starkly and directly, with no attempt to be tactful or diplomatic: I always had a tendency to act in ways that are politically unwise—to bluntly say what I consider the truth. To put it bluntly, that is a very poor piece of policy-making.

What is the meaning of blunted?

verb (used with object), blunt·ed, blunt·ing. to make blunt or dull: He blunted the knife by using it to cut linoleum. to weaken or impair the force, keenness, or susceptibility of: Wine first excites, then blunts the imagination.

Is it wrong to be honest if it hurts someones feelings?

Well, being honest, if the honest words will hurt someones feelings, is usually spoken cautiously as to not sound cruel or offensive. In general I think majority of people are this way. An example is if someone’s being loud and rude and has bad breath and everyone is thinking it but nobody is saying it.