Is ceramic Engineering a good career?

Is ceramic Engineering a good career?

There is lots of opportunity in private & public sector. You can make your career in various domains such as Aerospace, Mining, Construction, Electronics, Medical, Optical Fibers, Sports, Transportation, Military & etc. Job prospects are very good for ceramic engineers with extensive experience.

What is the future of ceramic engineering?

It has been determined that ceramic engineers are able to get job opportunities in aerospace, automotive industry, building material manufacturing, chemical industries, electronics, food processing, mining, medicine and refinery sectors in India.

Is Ceramic Engineering a good career?

Why should I Choose IIT-BHU for mining engineering?

You are eligible to sit in the placement for most of the IT companies, even if you’re from Mining. (The best reason why to choose IIT-BHU, MIN). You can get an old IIT + good placement via this option. You are interested in MINING or you want a job at the end of your B.TECH.

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What is the placement of IIT BHU in KGP?

Placement is 100\% as IIT BHU which was IT before and founded in 1919 has strongest Alumni background even stronger then IIT KGP and the year I took admission IIT BHU ranked 2nd in Placements after IIT KGP in whole India.

Should I Choose bits or IIM Indore IPM?

The dual degree system of the BITS and IPM program of IIM Indore, although wonderful, but has not been considered to reduce complexity. In the same section below, prefer college over a branch. Also, if you are interested in a particular branch, then choose it above the rest.

What are the branches of IITs in order?

Lower Branches at IIT B, IIT D, IIT M, IIT K, and IIT Kgp, in the mentioned order. Mechanical>Chemical>Civil at NIT T, BITS Goa, NIT Warangal, NIT Surathkal, BITS Hyd, MNNIT Allahabad, and MNIT Jaipur, in the mentioned order. Electrical branches at IIIT D, DTU, and NSIT in the mentioned order. Electrical at Third-Gen IITs.